2012 NAFCU Policy Letters to Capitol Hill

12-12-12 NAFCU letter to Senate urging action on H.R. 5817  

12-12-12 Corker Vitter Strategic Default Letter   

12-7-12 Letter to ICBA clarifying NAFCU's position on TAG  

12-06-2012 NAFCU letter to Tax Foundation   

12-6-12 NAFCU letter to Senate on TAG/IOLTA/MBL  

12-3-12 Boehner-Pelosi letter in support of H.R. 5817   

12-3-12 Johnson-Shelby letter on MBL/TAG  

11-19-12 Reid-McConnell Letter: Increasing MBL and extending the TAG program  

11-7-12 NAFCU letter to Senate on MBL  

9-18-12 NAFCU letter to Senator Portman on S. 3468  

10-3-12 NAFCU Letter to Gang of 8 (Sen. Warner)  

7-31-12 Graves-Velazquez CFPB Impact on Small Business Letter  

7-23-12 McHenry-Quigley Consumer Access to Credit and the CFPB

7-18-12 Reid-McConnell S. 3394 Support Letter

7-9-12 Boehner-Pelosi H.R. 4367 Support Letter
7-9-12 Bachus-Frank Non-Interest Bearing Accounts  

6-27-12 Johnson-Shelby S.3204 Support Letter

6-25-12 Bachus-Frank H.R. 4367 Mark-Up

6-19-12 Biggert-Gutierrez TILA/RESPA Disclosures

6-19-12 Rogers-Dicks FY 2012 Financial Services & General Gov. Spending Bill Mark-up

6-11-12 Johnson-Shelby Action Letter on S.3204

6-11-12 Bachus-Frank H.R.4367 Mark Up Support Letter

6-5-12 Capito-Maloney CARD Act - Ability to Repay Requirement 

5-17-12 Capito-Maloney H.R. 3993 Support Letter 

5-15-12 Boustany- Lewis Tax Exempt Organizations
5-15-12 Boehner-Pelosi NFIP Extension

5-8-12 Tester-Vitter NFIP Reauthorization Letter

4-24-12 Boehner Pelosi H.R. 3336 Support Letter

4-24-12 Boehner-Pelosi Letter on Guarantee Fees

4-24-12 Reid-McConnell Letter on Guarantee Fees

4-23-12 Boehner-Pelosi Cyber and Data Security Comment Letter

4-20-12 Bachus-Frank Letter Supporting H.R. 4367

3-26-12 Bachus-Barney FHA Fiscal Solvency Mark-up

3-14-12 Menendez-DeMint Housing Reform Process

3-14-12 Reid-McConnell If not now, then when? Letter Supporting MBL

3-7-12 Boehner-Pelosi Bipartisan Job Creation

3-7-12 Reid-McConnell Bipartisan Job Creation

3-5-12 Boehner-Pelosi JOBS Act Support Letter

3-5-12 Johnson-Shelby Capitol Formation and Job Growth Letter

2-29-12 Member Business Lending Support Letter to President Obama

2-29-12 Boehner-Pelosi Member Business Lending Support Letter

2-29-12 Reid-McConnell Member Business Lending Support Letter

2-27-12 Johnson-Shelby State of the Housing Market Comment Letter