Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

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Regulatory Alerts


13-EA-18 - CFPB: Amendments to Reg X, Reg Z, Reg B
13-EA-16 - CFPB: Amendments to Ability-to-Repay and Mortgage Servicing Rules

13-EA-15: CFPB - Defining Larger Participants of the Student Loan Servicing Market

13-EA-14: CFPB - Escrow Accounts 

13-EA-06 - CFPB: RFI Regarding an Initiative to Promote Student Loan Affordability

13-EA-05 - CFPB: RFI Financial Products Marketed to College Students
CFPB: Proposed Amendments to Ability-to-Repay
13-EA-03: Proposed Policy to Encourage Trial Disclosure
13-EA-02 - CFPB: CARD Act

13-EA-01: Regulation E; International Remittance Transfers

Final Regulations

13-EF-23: CFPB - Amendments to Reg X and Reg Z
13-EF-22: CFPB - Amendments to Escrow under Reg Z

13-EF-20: CFPB - Ability-to-Repay; Qualified Mortgages

13-EF-17: CFPB - Regulation E; International Remittance Transfers

13-EF-16: CFPB - Credit Card Independent Ability to Repay

13-EF-15: CFPB - Credit Card Limits under Reg Z

13-EF-14: CFPB - ATM Disclosures
13-EF-13: CFPB - Disclosure of Records and Information
13-EF-07: CFPB - Free Access to Appraisals

13-EF-06: CFPB -  Mortgage Servicing

13-EF-05: CFPB - High-Cost Mortgages and Homeownership Counseling (Reg Z and Reg X)

13-EF-04: NCUA - Low Income Designation Acceptance Deadline
13-EF-03: NCUA - Definition of a Small Entity
13-EF-02: CFPB - Escrow Requirements under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)
13-EF-01: CFPB - Ability-to-Repay; Qualified Mortgages
12-EF-11: Large Market Participant for CRAs 
12-EF-10: International Remittance Transfers
12-EF-08: Rules Relating to Investigations
12-EF-02: International Remittance Transfers 

NAFCU Resources

Chart of Authorities
Joint Letter on Remittance Transfer Rule
CFPB's Know Before You Owe Project for Residential Mortgages
TILA-RESPA Integration Project
Table of Regulations

CFPB Resources

Guidance Document
Policy on Ex-Parte Presentations in Rulemaking Proceedings
Progress Report
Semiannual Report of the CFPB
*Semiannual Regulatory Agenda and Fiscal Year 2011 Regulatory Plan*
Supervision & Examination Manual

Comment Letters


July 22, 2013 - Amendments to Mortgage Rules
July 17, 2013 - Small Creditor Exemption

July 3, 2013 - Changes to Regulation CC

June 7, 2013 - Small Creditor Exemption from the ATR/QM Rule

June 3, 2013 - Amendments to Mortgage Rules

May 22, 2013 - Delay of Effective Date of Credit Insurance Premiums Provision (Reg Z)

May 17, 2013 - Larger Participants of the Student Loan Servicing Market

May 7, 2013 - Field Hearing on the Student Loan Market

May 3, 2013 - Escrow Rule Amendments

April 2, 2013 - Request for Information Regarding Initiative to Promote Student Loan Affordability

March 14, 2013 - Request for Information on Financial Products Marketed to College Students

March 14, 2013 - Guidance on Mortgage Related Issues

March 7, 2013 - OMB Quantitative Testing Integrated Disclosures

February 25, 2013 - Concurrent Proposal ATR

February 19, 2013 - Information Request regarding Credit Card Markets
February 14, 2013 - Policy to Encourage Trial Disclosure Programs; Information Collection

January 30, 2013 - Joint Trade Comment Letter on Remittance Transfers

January 30, 2013 - Remittance Transfers: Substantive Proposed Changes

January 28, 2013 - Quarterly Submission of Credit Card Agreements

January 16, 2013 - Mortgage Rules Atlanta Field Hearing

January 15, 2013 - Joint Comment Letter on Proposed Delay of Effective Date of Remittance Transfer Rules

January 14, 2013 - Remittance Transfers Comment Letter RE: Delay

January 10, 2013 - Mortgage Related Rules (Field Hearing)
January 4, 2013 - Ability to Repay 



CFPB, Justice probe lending at auto manufacturers
CFPB sets up consumer hotline in Jackson, Miss.
Automotive dealers criticize CFPB bulletin
CFPB launches searchable map for FFIEC data
Tefferi: CUs excel in financial education


Cordray ratifies prior CFPB actions
QRM rules proposed a second time
NAFCU-supported change to QRM expected today
CUs receive ATR and QM guidance in webcast
Lenders ask CFPB for more time on QM rule


Petraeus answers questions in NAFCU webcast
CFPB sues mortgage loan originator
Galante testifies today on draft FHA bill
Brown proposes CFPB role in overdraft oversight 
Suit targets CBPB’s data gathering


Bair on CFPB: Cordray ‘deserves’ to be confirmed
CFPB orders auto lenders to refund servicemembers

NAFCU welcomes CFPB supervision of nonbanks

CFPB issues bulletin on ‘responsible conduct’
Lawmakers question CFPB on auto-loan guidance

CFPB staff growing, budget to decline


CFPB posts small-entity guide on QM
NAFCU Reg Committee gets CFPB briefing
NAFCU, CFPB talk student loans, indirect auto loans
CFPB to release mortgage rules guidance this week4 mortgage insurers to pay CFPB $15.4 million
CFPB accepting money transfer complaints
CFPB eyeing nonbank student loan servicers
CFPB getting data from debt collection firms
Bluebird card may come under CFPB scrutiny  



CFPB unleashes complaint database
CUs get deeper look at CFPB mortgage rules
CFPB rule removes credit card fee prohibition
Webcast digs deep into CFPB mortgage regs
CFPB putting ATM fix into effect
CUs, tell CFPB, NAFCU about reg costs
CFPB notes ECOA liability for indirect lenders
Becker calls for uniform CFPB guidance
CFPB blog spotlights elder financial abuse
CFPB to hold complaint database field hearing
CFPB credit union council to meet
CFPB says Project Catalyst moving along

NAFCU at SBA/CFPB meeting on review panels


Warren urges CUs to back CFPB rule exemptions
Hunt urges expanded ability-to-repay exemptions
CFPB eyes 4 banks' auto lending, ECOA
CFPB eyes student loan 'affordability plan'
Cordray: 4 classes of problems under scrutiny
CARD Act costs outweigh benefits, NAFCU writes
CFPB advisory board starts 2-day meeting
MLO rule summary, scope/applicability chart online
Cordray details mortgage rule implementation
Trial disclosure program costly, Becker warns
NAFCU unveils CFPB rule scope, applicability charts
Exams, risk issues on Senate Banking agenda
CFPB targets mortgage servicing transfers



CFPB heeds NAFCU on comp rule, concerns remain
CFPB mortgage hearing draws CU reps
CFPB, NAFCU to talk financial empowerment
CFPB delay on remittances backed
Becker urges more time, exemption under CFPB remittance rule
More CFPB mortgage rules out this week
NAFCU reps at CFPB mortgage policy hearing
CFPB agenda: TILA/RESPA reg in September
Hunt, Tefferi to attend CFPB field hearing
CFPB rule defines when a rule is 'issued'


Hunt urges adequate time on CFPB mortgage regs
CFPB unveils student lender procedures
NAFCU at CFPB on ‘Catalyst’

NAFCU’s Hunt presses CFPB action for ATM fix

CFPB proposes policy for disclosure trials

Webcast outlines CFPB rules ahead

CFPB invites input on financial empowerment

CFPB takes action against alleged mortgage scammers

NAFCU-backed ATM, CFPB privilege bills approved

Webcast tomorrow on CFPB expectations

CFPB, DOJ to coordinate on fair lending

Today’s call-in eyes MBL, tax exemption
Discounts extended for CFPB Dec. 12 webcast


CFPB blogs on CU Advisory Council meeting
CFPB proposes 90-day delay in remittance rule
CFPB unveils citation report, appeals policy, new manual

CFPB, FTC warn of ads targeting seniors
FHFA, CFPB developing national mortgage database

NAFCU’s Hunt urges CFPB to revisit TILA/RESPA proposal
NAFCU’s Tefferi urges CFPB to emphasize financial ed

Tefferi at 2-day CFPB financial empowerment talk
Webcast Dec. 12 on CFPB and 2013

Webcast today on CFPB mortgage rules
WSJ: Date to leave CFPB Jan. 31



CFPB posts student loan guide for servicemembers
Webcasts give overview of CFPB mortgage rules
NAFCU’s Berger pans CFPB 6-year plan
CFPB designates supervised debt collectors
CFPB taking credit report complaints
CFPB heeds NAFCU on card rule
CFPB urged to exempt small entities from proposal
CFPB leaning toward QM safe harbor?
Remittance liability issue eyed at CFPB
CFPB issues small-entity guide on remittances
NAFCU’s Tefferi asks CFPB to withdraw appraisal proposal
OIG: CFPB complaint process could be improved
Compliance Blog examines CFPB enforcement action
CFPB CU Advisory Council meets today
NAFCU’s Hunt urges CFPB to withdraw proposal


CFPB webinar Oct. 16 on remittances
NAFCU at CFPB advisory board meeting
CFPB invites input on 5-year plan
CFPB begins supervising CRAs Sept. 30
FDIC, CFPB hit Discover with enforcement order
Becker writes CFPB, NCUA on finance charge proposal
Members’ input sought on 2 CFPB requests
NAFCU-backed reps on CFPB advisory panel
NAFCU alert out on CFPB appraisal proposal
Members’ input sought on 3 CFPB proposals
NAFCU, others ask CFPB to drop APR proposal
NAFCU weighs in on CFPB’s HOEPA proposal
Webcast details CFPB mortgage proposals
CFPB unveils exam procedures on credit bureaus
NAFCU meets with CFPB rule writers
Webcast on CFPB mortgage proposals is tomorrow


FPB advisory board meets Sept. 27 
Key Legislative Issues Caucus speakers focus on economy, CFPB
NAFCU-backed reps on CFPB advisory panel
NAFCU alert out on CFPB appraisal proposal
Bi-monthly Magazine The Federal Credit Union Members’ input sought on 3 CFPB proposals
NAFCU, others ask CFPB to drop APR proposal
NAFCU weighs in on CFPB’s HOEPA proposal
Webcast details CFPB mortgage proposals
CFPB unveils exam procedures on credit bureaus
NAFCU meets with CFPB rule writers
External Issues and Reports Webcast on CFPB mortgage proposals is tomorrow 


Cordray testimony on CFPB report postponed 
CFPB, DOE report to Congress on student loans
Becker meets with CFPB’s Petraeus
Becker says CFPB complaint data policy risky
CFPB orders $140 million to Capital One customers
CFPB sets final rule on credit bureau supervision
CFPB to hold field hearing on credit reporting
CFPB releases proposed mortgage forms, rules
CFPB sets rule protecting privileged info
External Issues and Reports Members’ input due soon on NCUA, CFPB regs
CFPB mortgage servicing exemption limited
Final Regulations, NCUACFPB unveils mortgage origination, comp proposals
Financial Services Committee Lawmakers call for CFPB to delay remittance rule
Key Legislative Issues NAFCU offers CFPB input on mortgage proposals
Key Legislative Issues NAFCU at CFPB to discuss TILA/RESPA
Federal Register CFPB comment deadline on elder abuse nears
NCUA, Online Security NAFCU discusses QM rule with CFPB
Key Regulatory Issues Small entities issue report on CFPB proposal
Key Regulatory Issues CFPB proposes mortgage servicing rule changes
CFPB rule exempts 100 remittances
Note to 2 sides to every story
CFPB asks for ideas where to intervene
Compliance team posts helps on CFPB
Becker to Hill: CFPB's proposed mortgage regs need work
CFPB webinar Oct. 16 on remittances
NAFCU at CFPB advisory board meeting
CFPB invites input on 5-year plan
CFPB begins supervising CRAs Sept. 30
Financial Services Committee FDIC, CFPB hit Discover with enforcement order
Becker writes CFPB, NCUA on finance charge proposal  


CFPB reports to Congress on reverse mortgages
Senate Banking Committee Suit challenges CFPB constitutionality
Spending, MSBs and CFPB get action
CFPB may add narrative fields to public database
CFPB mortgage rulemaking eyed in webcast today
CFPB credit-card complaint database public, more ahead
NAFCU cautions CFPB on changes to overdraft
Key Regulatory Issues NAFCU urges better cost analysis by CFPB
CFPB looking into elder financial abuse
CFPB publishes, seeks input on private student loans
CFPB mortgage disclosures, 2013 spending slated
CFPB warns of ‘sweepstakes’ scam
Wall Street Journal NAFCU supports CFPB credit-card fee proposal
CFPB eyeing CARD Act rule fix
CFPB sets rules on investigations
CFPB, NCUA, bank agencies agree to coordinate on supervision
NAFCU seeks CUs’ input on CFPB-related costs
CFPB seeks more input on ‘qualified mortgage’ rule   


CFPB still taking comments on overdraft, Reg Z
CFPB issues ANPR on prepaid cards
CFPB hearing on prepaid cards tomorrow
CFPB’s Rosenthal blogs on financial empowerment
CU industry reps at CFPB on mortgage servicing
CFPB targets mortgage costs, originator standards
CFPB, DoD partner to protect service members  


CFPB seeking input on use of arbitration
More time to write CFPB on overdraft
Cordray details CFPB focus for CUs
NAFCU members at CFPB on mortgage servicing
Cordray set to address NAFCU webcast today
4 CU reps in CFPB review panel meeting
CFPB clarifies mortgage originator licensing issue
Bill to end HAMP, limit CFPB clear panel
CFPB affirms use of ECOA effects test
Shea urges CFPB focus on nondepository entities
Cordray headlines April 24 webcast
CFPB proposes to reverse CARD Act rule change on fees
Third-party providers in CFPB view
Financial student aid shopping tool from CFPB
CFPB drafting mortgage servicing rules
CFPB reports on consumer complaints
CFPB regs may curtail CU remittance transfers
NAFCU, CFPB discuss CU issues
CFPB eyes loan originator compensation rules  


NAFCU nominates 3 to Consumer Advisory Board
Members' input sought on CFPB, FinCEN rules
CFPB files in TILA suit, plans more
House clears CFPB privileged info bill
CFPB reports on debt collection complaints
CFPB drafts rule on privileged info
Bureau invites responses on reg streamlining
Members' input sought on overdraft fee practices
Kucey at CFPB small-biz panel meeting on mortgage disclosures
More mortgage rules to come from CFPB
CFPB accepting private student loan complaints
Becker targets Regs Z, E provisions for elimination by CFPB
CFPB taking complaints on checking accounts  


Comments due April 30 to CFPB on overdraft
Lender cost info not helpful, NAFCU tells CFPB
CFPB forming consumer advisory group
CFPB looking at overdraft fees, disclosures
CFPB small-biz panel formed, eyes mortgage form
Shea urges CFPB to simplify Reg Z
CFPB tool to collect consumer input
Members' input sought on remittance proposal
NAFCU, CFPB discuss CU issues
Bureau targets debt collectors, reporting agencies
CFPB info protection bill on 2 tracks
Clarity needed on CFPB treatment of privileged information, Berger says
CFPB ups HMDA reporting threshold
CFPB turns to mortgage statements
Bureau FTEs to exceed 1,300 in 2013
Cordray attends first financial literacy meeting
CFPB publishes semiannual agenda
Petraeus welcomes mortgage servicing settlement
Fed proposed rules could get CFPB action
CFPB working on CU advisory group
Senate Republicans to challenge Cordray
NAFCU at Treasury, CFPB on financial literacy 
Cordray touts CUs to lawmakers


First CFPB report to Congress today
NAFCU notes complaint proposal concerns
3rd round of mortgage closing disclosures out
Cordray grilled on CFPB plans
CFPB, FTC sign working agreement
CFPB issues final remittance transfer rules
CFPB to focus on payday lending
CFPB holds hearing on payday lending
CFPB to seek financial literacy info
CFPB announces diversity office 
DOJ issues opinion on Cordray appointment 
NAFCU, CFPB to meet over ability to repay
CFPB releases original exam procedures
Cordray agrees to testify on appointment
Cordray, Becker talk CU issues
Lawmakers question DOJ on Cordray appointment 
Obama sets focus on 'bad actors' 
Cordray: CFPB to take on nonbanks
Nonbank supervision program detailed
Cordray appointed CFPB director
Non-regulated providers to feel greatest impact  
Input sought on CFPB complaint process, more 
CFPB seeks Reg E Comments      

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