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For more than 20 years, Credit Control, LLC has been providing custom, performance-driven receivables management and collection services to organizations nationwide. Our business focus has remained on providing a high level of customer service, and exceptional recovery rates, through the use of state of the art technology and highly trained agents. 

Credit Control understands that data security and compliance are of paramount importance to credit unions. To ensure that credit union data is protected, we have completed the rigorous processes to be become PCI Level 2 compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and SOC 1 certified. We also have taken the additional security measure of implementing data encryption at rest for all of our data and have implemented comprehensive company-wide compliance measures. All calls are recorded where allowed by law and collectors are monitored for compliance with all state and federal regulations.

We strive to be “easy to do business with.” Our implementation process is seamless and efficient and we assign a single point of contact to ensure that our solutions can be implemented with minimal burden on credit union staff. Credit Control’s professional client service specialists are highly responsive in handling all client requests in a timely manner. 

Products and Services 

We consult with our clients to create a customized recovery process that meets the needs of our clients while maximizing our recovery expertise. We have both pre-collect and post charge off recovery solutions for all of the following asset classes: 

  • Junior and senior liens
  • Low value first lien charge-offs
  • Senior lien deficiencies
  • Credit Card
  • DDA
  • Auto
  • Student loans
  • Signature loans
  • Lines of credit  

Included in these recovery solutions are the following services: 

  • Skip tracing
  • Scoring and segmentation
  • Payment monitoring and letter series
  • Credit reporting 
  • Legal services  


NAFCU members receive preferential pricing that will not be offered to non-NAFCU members. This pricing is guaranteed for the life of the contract regardless of the volume and balance of accounts placed for recovery. Additionally, Credit Control will share its best practices in the areas of recovery strategy, collections, compliance, and technology with its clients. Credit Control staff are available to do onsite audits and make recommendations on how credit unions can improve their recovery strategies and collection programs.


Headquartered just outside of St Louis, Missouri, Credit Control has five call centers strategically located around the country to provide our clients with a strong nationwide reach. We serve more than 450 clients in financial services, government, commercial, healthcare, education, and utilities industries. Credit Control is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. For more information, visit our website at 

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