3 Ways To Get Your Board Unstuck in 2018 (Podcast)

Boards are in a time and place of immense opportunities and challenges. How they think, behave, produce, coordinate, and build a relationship with the CEO in the past no longer works for the future. This informative podcast features the research that creates sustainable and replicable successful board dynamics and processes. Myers shares the three components of change that, in many organizations, have supported the intent of doing the right way with greater ease and productivity. 

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Deedee new headshotDeedee Myers, MSC, MA, PCC, Ph.D., and CEO of DDJ Myers

Deedee Myers has been a long time contributor to the advancement of credit unions, their performance and ongoing learning. She is the CEO and President of DDJ Myers which offers executive search, board development, strategic planning, leadership learning and coaching for all levels, including the board chair, executives, and mid managers. DDJ Myers is a three time NAFCU Services Innovation Award Recipient, a major sponsor of the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition and the award winning Emerging Leaders program. Executive and Board succession is a foundational service and Myers will soon publish a board succession planning book.

NEWDDJMyersLogoa-z125DDJ Myers is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Leadership Training, Executive Search and Recruitment Services. More information and educational materials are available at nafcu.org/DDJMyers

DDJ Myers' Transformation Change Model (TCM), designed specifically for boards, was a recipient of a 2017 NAFCU Innovation Award. Learn More