Credit Scores: What’s Behind the Number? (Podcast and Presentation)

Podcast IconCredit Scores: What’s Behind the Number? (Podcast and Presentation)

A significant opportunity for you and your credit union is the scoring the “unscorables.” These unscorables are the 64 million U.S. consumers who have little or no credit history and are deemed unscorable by most traditional credit score models. You may be surprised who make up this group—many hold professional or skilled-labor jobs and own their own homes.

In this podcast and presentation from the 2013 NAFCU Annual Conference, Barrett Burns provides a comprehensive analysis of credit score models and discusses how your credit union can utilize them for member outreach and education. Learn about population segments that are hardest to target regardless of whether or not they have credit scores, find out what types of data are acceptable when evaluating unscorable consumers, and more.

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 This is a recording of Credit Scores: What’s Behind the Number? by NAFCU Services.

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Barret Burns CEO VantageScoreBarrett Burns, President and CEO, VantageScore Solutions LLC

Barrett Burns is President and CEO of VantageScore Solutions LLC. Prior to joining VantageScore as CEO during its formation in 2006, he was executive vice president at U.S. Trust, executive vice president of global risk management and chairman of the Credit Policy Committee at Ford Motor Credit Company, and senior vice president and COO of Bank One’s auto finance division.


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