How Do You Train Your Employees to Engage Members? (Webinar)

Webinar Icon How Do You Train Your Employees to Engage Members? (Webinar) 

In order to maximize member engagement, we need to look to those on our front lines. This webinar will focus on our valued employees and what you can do to prepare them to communicate with our members.

Loyal, knowledgeable employees are critical to the success of credit unions, and if we take the time to properly nurture and train them, we will be rewarded by having them take pride and ownership in our credit unions.


  • Learn tips to empower your employees to persuasively communicate with members. This is key because members have so little time to “listen” to our offers.
  • Find out how your employees can leverage technology, experience, and empathy to make their time spent with members impactful.

This webinar will help develop productive and loyal employees in your credit union, and how to measure the success of a team.


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This webinar is part of the Allied Growth and Innovation Series: Driving Member Engagement.

 About the Allied Growth and Innovation Series: Driving Member Engagement 

How do you execute one-to-one marketing in a meaningful and goal-oriented manner? This 10-part series will challenge you to think about how your credit union is engaging members today…and provide you with a comprehensive list of cutting-edge ideas as you move toward the future. Get a new perspective on driving member engagement for long-term, profitable relationships.

 Expert Presenter: Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategist  

 Sundeep Kapur Sundeep Kapur helps brands define their OMNI-channel marketing strategies. He has had the opportunity to help many financial institutions create and execute a successful digital strategy. His specialty lies in helping brands adopt digital by focusing on fundamentals – reduced cost, security, and driving revenue - all towards improving lifetime member value. He is an industry recognized expert who has delivered keynotes, run panels, and delivered "relevant, inspirational, and outstanding" education for organizations around  the world. In addition to direct work with clients, he writes articles for magazines, is a special presenter for NAFCU and is invited to speak at a number of financial conferences. He currently chairs a Digital Advisory Strategy Council, focused on giving financial executives practical and innovative ideas on defining their member engagement strategy.

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