How to Avoid Having Your Reputation Hacked: Part II (Podcast)

Podcast_iTunesLeaders of financial institutions must anticipate all kinds of risk, including reputational risk. Managing reputational risk means anticipating crises and being ready to execute a crisis response plan that will protect your institution’s reputation if a breach occurs. 

In this podcast series, industry expert Sharon Cook will cover important considerations when preparing a crisis plan before a breach occurs and offer best practices in developing a public relations response once an institution has been breached. It will also explore what an institution should do following a cyber-attack to maintain member confidence.

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Sharon CookSharon B. Cook, Chief Marketing Officer, FHLBank Atlanta

Sharon Cook is responsible for the B2B Marketing Strategy, Corporate Communications, and Public/Media Relations at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta. As Chief Marketing Officer, she leads strategic planning and execution for multiple disciplines including Brand Cultivation, Digital Marketing and Analytics, Social Media, External Communications, Media Relations, Investor Relations, Crisis Communications Planning, and Reputational Risk Management. Sharon also serves as the Bank’s SEC spokesperson.

Cook joined FHLBank Atlanta – sometimes referred to as the “regional banker’s bank” – in 2008 after leading Marketing and Communications teams for two financial institutions in Atlanta. This experience would prove invaluable when she joined FHLBank Atlanta in 2008 – just as the Great Recession was beginning – as Senior Marketing Communications Manager. In concert with the Bank’s senior leadership, Sharon developed and implemented essential communications with key audiences inside and outside the organization. In 2011, she was promoted to Vice President and Director of Corporate Communications, at which time she built a digital-based marketing platform, revolutionizing the way the organization marketed to customers and external influencers. In 2014, she assumed her current role as Chief Marketing Officer.

A recognized expert in crisis communications, Sharon specializes in cybersecurity response planning and frequently speaks on reputational risk management across the Southeast. Audiences have included the Georgia Bankers Association’s Women in Banking Conference, the Virginia Bankers Association’s Banking and Marketing Conference, the Mid-Atlantic Executive Cybersecurity Conference, and the Information System Security Association’s CISO conference.

Sharon serves on the Communications Officers Committee for the Council of Federal Home Loan Banks, and is a former President of the Georgia Marketing Council for Credit Unions.

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