How to Strategically Leverage Big Data Intelligence (Podcast)

Join Paul Timm, the Vice President of Marketing at NAFCU Services, as he sits down with Nick Curcuru, VP Global Big Data & CyberSecurity Practice at Mastercard, for a conversation discussing data analytics and how credit unions can effectively leverage the intelligence gained from Big Data by implementing a proper data strategy.

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Expert Presenter

Nick CurcuruNick Curcuru, VP Global Big Data & CyberSecurity Practice, Mastercard

Nick Curcuru has over 20 years of experience successfully implementing and managing large scale advanced analytics projects across the world. Nick is comfortable communicating to C-suite executives by helping drive strategic decisions through the use of data and analytics. 

In his role at Mastercard Advisors, Nick works with executives on their big data strategy to unlock and monetize the value of the organizations’ structured and unstructured data assets. He leads large scale advanced analytics initiatives using a variety of technology including open source solutions like Hadoop to drive customer and operational insights. Nick helps architect big data solutions addressing the people, processes, and technology needed to enable data driven insights and fact based decisions. 

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