Innovating the Shared Branching Interface with Foreign Exchange

 Webcast Icon Despite the tough economy, credit union members are continuing to travel. Daily foreign currency exchanges are in the trillions of dollars. Taking advantage of this virtually untapped opportunity in the credit union industry, and FSCC (Financial Service Centers Cooperative) recently unveiled the first integrated foreign currency purchase platform connecting online foreign currency transaction data to the FSCC Shared Branching Network of over 6,500 credit unions. Millions of credit union members can now purchase foreign currency with the ease of electronic debit from their credit union checking, savings or line-of-credit account. 

In this webcast, Evan Shelan, founder and CEO of, Inc., demonstrates how this technology works. 

Evan has over 15 years of experience and offers a wealth of knowledge in foreign exchange and the travel industry. He founded eZforex in 1994 transforming the foreign currency exchange model from a single brick and mortar to an affiliate program comprised of banks, credit unions, airlines, and travel agencies. eZforex now provides foreign exchange cash management solutions for over 3,000 credit unions throughout the United States.

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