Problem Solved: International Payment Remittances, Post Dodd-Frank (Recorded Product Demo)

 Webinar Icon Problem Solved: International Payment Remittances, Post Dodd-Frank (Recorded Product Demo) 

This is a product demonstration of eZforex's interface to the Federal Reserve's FedGlobal® International ACH Payments. This solution allows you to offer international payments to your members while meeting the new federal requirements coming October 2013.

With the October 2013 deadline looming for new regulations surrounding Dodd-Frank Section 1073, many credit unions are anxious about how they can continue to serve their members while being compliant. Many have stopped or plan to stop offering international remittances. Your members who depend upon the ability to send international remittances will be forced to seek costly solutions from other providers. 

Section 1073 requires:

  • Pre-payment disclosures of exchange rates, estimated fees, and date of funds availability
  • Error resolution support
  • 30-minute consumer opt-out 

The eZforex interface is fully compliant and offers significant savings to you and your members.

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This is a recording of eZforex: Problem Solved—International Payment Remittances Post Dodd-Frank by NAFCU Services.

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Evan is the creator & founder of, Inc. He graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a BA in economics. In 1994 he transformed a small foreign currency exchange business from brick and mortar to a web-based digital environment where he developed a wholesale model of selling foreign exchange services over the Internet to banks and credit unions throughout the United States. Today over 4,000 banks and credit unions are servicing their customer base with eZforex. His success may be contributed to the development of innovative technology that includes a secure method of purchasing foreign currency as well as creating the first and only retail currency exchange interface with the shared branching network. logo is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Foreign Currency Exchange Services. More educational resources and contact information at: