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Mortgage Cadence Learning Series (Recorded Webinars)

Discover how your credit union measures against the most efficient credit union lenders in the industry. The webinar will examine three critical metrics for improving lending performance. The learning series is offered at no cost to credit union staff.


Solution: Mortgage Processing and Fulfillment Services


Accenture Mortgage Cadence has been helping lenders of all sizes and models seize opportunity since 1999. We offer a powerful combination of loan origination technology coupled with deep mortgage knowledge that uniquely positions us to help deliver results.

Accenture Mortgage Cadence is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Mortgage Processing and Fulfillment Services.


Accenture Mortgage Cadence’s vision is to provide our customers with the last lending solution they will ever need through a commitment to partnership, service and technology innovation.

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

NAFCU members take advantage of Prime Alliance Symphony.

Educational Resources

  • Resource TypeVintage Strategies for a Prosperous 2014 (Blog Post)
    With regulatory complexity and borrower impatience, adopting a manufacturing mindset will lead to success. Think about a auto assembly line. While automated components speed up the more mundane processes and ensure compliance, employees are adding the final finishing touches.
  • Resource TypeThe Dreaded Question, Part II (Blog Post)
    We have been so focused on refinancing existing loans for the past several years, and now that it is coming to an end, it’s time to make way for those who should, for many reasons, be buying homes. The market has shifted its focus, and it’s time for us to shift our thinking.
  • Resource TypeWhat’s in store for 2014? Mortgage Cadence, LLC Looks Ahead (Blog Post)
    For a look at what lies ahead in 2014 for credit unions, we turned to the Preferred Partner experts. Here is what Dan Green, Mortgage Cadence, LLC had to say.
  • Resource TypeThe Dreaded Question (Blog Post)

    Where do homebuyers come from? Over the past 30 years, roughly as long as credit unions have been making mortgage loans, we have not had to confront the brutal reality that homeowners are not delivered by the stork.

  • Resource TypeMortgage Time (October 25, 2013)
    With the end of the government shutdown, investors turned their attention to the economic data. The September Employment report was weaker than expected, while the rest of the data released this week was mixed. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week a little lower.
  • Resource TypeThe Mortgage Moonshot: Zero to Close in 72 Hours (Blog Post)

    If we have a willing buyer and a willing seller who agree on purchase terms, along with a lender willing to serve its borrowers’ needs, why not design a process with appropriate and configurable risk controls to accommodate everyone’s needs? Electronic closing within 72 hours of a seller’s acceptance. Houston, we have ignition!

  • Resource TypeGroundhog Day (Blog Post)

    “Winter is coming” is a good analogy for a cooling mortgage market. Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day is a strong reminder we must change behaviors in order to thrive in the new market.

  • Resource TypeThe Five C’s of Lending (Blog Post)

    If you were lending in the early 80s into the mid-90s you were taught the four-Cs: capacity, credit, collateral, character. Compliance is now the official fifth C where it was not before.

  • Resource TypeThe Looming Impact of Dodd-Frank (Blog Post)
    Dodd-Frank impacts lenders in many ways. In the span of less than two years there are now many new rules that will have material impact on the conduct of all mortgage originators and assignees.
  • Resource TypeHARP Briefing Paper: April 2013
    Recently, the Home Affordable Refinance Program, HARP, was extended for an additional two years. The Program now concludes December 31, 2015. We have been bullish on HARP since version 2.0 was announced in November 2011. We remain enthusiastically so. Read on for our rationale.
  • Resource TypeFive Truths about Defining a Mortgage Strategy (Recorded Webinar)
    Before you embark on the critical path of defining (or redefining) your mortgage strategy, there are five basic truths you need to know and build into your planning. From expenses and technology to people and process, these truths are an essential part of any mortgage discussion. This webinar shares the research behind each tenet and how you can incorporate them into your strategy.   
  • Resource TypeMortgage Cadence Learning Series (Recorded Webinars)

    Discover how your credit union measures against the most efficient credit union lenders in the industry. The webinar will examine three critical metrics for improving lending performance. The learning series is offered at no cost to credit union staff.

  • Resource TypeFour Mortgage Metrics that Matter (Recorded Webinar)
    In this webinar, you will learn about four key mortgage metrics. You will also be able to benchmark your credit union’s performance comparative to other credit unions, and learn ways to improve your credit union’s mortgage lending program and ultimately your credit union’s bottom line.
  • Resource TypeThe 100-Years Refinance (exaggeration intended) ( Blog Post)
    My colleagues and I talk frequently about the coming changes in mortgage lending. The 100-years refinance (exaggeration intended) cycle will end this year or next. In its place is likely to be the most sustained purchase-money market since the 1950s through the 1960s.
  • Resource TypeCredit Unions Calculate Your Member Share (Blog Post)

    Year-end 2012 credit union data was released in the last few weeks. But for data nerds generally and these mortgage data nerds specifically, it’s a highly anticipated event. Although trends are trackable intra-year and performance predictions are easy to make, this is when we find out what really happened. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.

  • Resource TypeA Once in a Lifetime Opportunity (Blog Post)
    The housing market is in recovery; most economists and many of us involved in the industry agree. Low rates are, perhaps, the biggest contributing factor. And they are low. Lowest in history? Pretty close. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  • Resource TypeThree Factors for 2013’s Mortgage Market (Blog Post)
    Three factors will heavily influence the mortgage market during 2013. Two of them are immensely positive for credit unions and for our industry overall. The third is a reflection of the mortgage market generally, and, when seen in a certain light, is positive as well. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  • Resource TypePrime Alliance Credit Union Testimonial
    Watch this video as Barry Stricklin of Tower Federal Credit Union shares his Prime Alliance experience. Barry Stricklin has been a client of Prime Alliance for over ten years. Barry recognizes that his credit union's members enjoy the convenience of applying for a loan and getting a response via the internet. It's made getting a loan a better experience for his credit union's members.
  • Resource TypeMortgage Lending Performance Benchmarking (Whitepaper)
    Our Benchmarking Paper highlights the work Prime Alliance has done over the years with its customers and other lenders. Generally speaking the results and conclusions found here are based on the experience of a segment of the country’s top 500 mortgage lending credit unions. Our intent was to understand pull-through rates, lending productivity and what it costs to close a mortgage.
  • Resource TypeMortgage Time (Insight into Economic Data)
    (January 22, 2013) Positive economic data was the primary influence on mortgage rates this week. Unexpected strength in Retail Sales, Housing Starts, and Jobless Claims combined to push mortgage rates a little higher. Stronger economic growth is great for the labor market and the stock market. Unfortunately, it also increases the risk that future inflation will move higher, so it is generally not good for mortgage rates. 
  • Resource TypeCredit Union Industry Experts: What's in Store for 2013 (Blog Post)
    For our year-end blog post I asked our Preferred Partners to tell us what they see coming over the horizon, from their perspective, that credit union executives need to be focused on and/or prepared for as we head into 2013. Looking back a year, I see some common themes—revenue issues, economic uncertainty, regulatory uncertainty, and political uncertainty. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  • Resource TypeMidnight in CU Mortgage Lending (Podcast and Presentation)

    As times have changed, so has the mortgage loan industry for credit unions. Since the late 1970s mortgage lending has been one of the most valuable investments for both the credit union and the member. With the housing affordability at an all-time high, now is the time for credit unions to re-engage with their members who are in the market for a new home.  In this presentation, you will learn more about how the industry has changed and why credit unions should take advantage of the housing market today.

  • Resource Type20% of members may be eligible for home refinance under HARP 2.0! (Webinar)
    The new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) offers a huge opportunity for credit unions to help roughly 20% of members.  Watch and listen to this educational session on HARP 2.0 hosted by expert presenter, Nizar Hashlamon to hear more about a program that could change your members' lives, help boost the economy, and increase mortgage business at your credit union.
  • Resource TypeHARP 2.0 Briefing Paper (Whitepaper)
    HARP 2.0 was announced by the Administration and the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA), the GSE regulator, in October 2011. While not a new program, HARP 2.0 turbo-charges the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), announced in March 2009. The expansion helps underwater homeowners who owe significantly more on their mortgage than their homes are worth. This Paper focuses on how to originate a HARP loan for borrowers with LTVs greater than 80 percent, how changes in solicitation rules can help you expand the market you serve, and how you can immediately implement HARP in your organization.
  • Resource TypeHarps are not just for angels, they are for credit unions too (Blog Post)

    The latest incarnation of government efforts to help distressed and underwater homeowners is known as HARP 2.0 – the Home Affordable Refinance Program.  The original program was not as successful as intended for a variety of reasons. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.

  • Resource TypeMidnight in CU mortgage lending (Article)
    When was the best time in credit union mortgage lending? If you’ve seen Woody Allen’s latest movie, Midnight in Paris, then you may already know the answer to this question. The best time, of course, is right now.

  • Resource TypeMidnight in credit union mortgage lending (Blog Post)
    When was the best time in credit union mortgage lending? If you’ve seen Woody Allen’s latest movie, Midnight in Paris, then you may already know the answer to this question. The best time, of course, is right now. Read more of this NAFCU Services blog post.
  • Resource TypeHARP 2.0: The New Home Affordability Refinance Program Explained (Podcast)
    In this podcast, Dan Green, Executive Vice President of Credit Union Solutions at Prime Alliance, provides a detailed explanation of HARP 2.0, including how to effectively use the program to gain market share and benefit your credit union.
  • Resource TypeThe 3 (or more) Things You Must Know About Mortgage Lending (Podcast and Presentation)
    In this 2011 NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference presentation, you will learn what's believed to be the most important information in what is arguably the most powerful loan you can make for your members - a mortgage loan.
  • Resource TypeA Closer Look at the Prime Alliance Innovation Award Winning Mortgage Solution for Credit Unions (Podcast)

    Credit unions are always looking for mortgage origination and processing solutions that boost efficiency, reduce cost and enhance the overall member mortgage experience. In this podcast, we speak with Dan Green of Prime Alliance Solutions, a winner of the NAFCU Services Corporation 2010 Innovation Awards, about their best-in-class, comprehensive, Web-based mortgage origination and processing solution for credit unions.

  • Resource TypeRe-thinking Loan Serving (Whitepaper)
    The mortgage lending landscape has changed drastically over the past several years from virtually every perspective. The implications of these changes, but especially those related to loan servicing, are or should be of interest to credit unions. Servicing in all its forms has been largely ignored over the history of credit union mortgage lending, yet last decade's cataclysm brings into sharp focus the full benefit of well-managed servicing operations...
  • Resource TypeThe Game of Home (Whitepaper)
    Credit unions are successful home lenders. Public awareness has never been higher. Our market share has grown rapidly. Continuing these positive trends requires us to understand how members go about buying homes, the process they go through and the opportunities we have to play the role of trusted advisor.
  • Resource TypeChallenges and Opportunities in Housing Finance for Credit Unions (Podcast)
    Owning your own home is a dream common to many credit union Members. But it seems as though more often than not they turn to banks or other lenders to translate dreams into reality. This podcast features an interview with Dan Green, Executive Vice President of Prime Alliance, to discuss some of the underlying market dynamics, and to focus on how credit unions can overcome what some might see as obstacles to establishing and growing a housing finance program.
  • Resource Type2010 A Homeownership Odyssey (Whitepaper)
    There couldn’t be an better economic cycle in which to make the first-time buyer commitment. Homes are the most affordable they’ve been in more than a decade and rates are low. Learn about creating a successful first time homebuying experience for your members and about paperless mortgage lending in this whitepaper from Prime Alliance.
  • Resource TypeRefi Ready: Six Survival Suggestions for the Next Six Months (Whitepaper)
    With mortgage rates at the lowest they’ve been in almost 40 years, the time for many members to refinance is now. Are you refiance-ready? Learn six survival suggestions for the next six months in this whitepaper from Prime Alliance.
  • Resource TypeBest Practices for Portfolio Risk Analysis Whitepaper and Case Study (Whitepaper & Case Study)
    Real estate lending is becoming the principal business activity for most credit unions. The loan portfolio is typically the largest asset and the predominate source of revenue. As such, effective management of the real estate loan portfolio is fundamental to credit union safety and soundness. Learn best practices for portfolio risk analysis from this whitepaper from Prime Alliance that features a case study of Boeing Employees’ Credit Union.
  • Resource Type18 Strategies in 18 Months: Steps for Credit Unions to Increase Mortgage Market Share (Whitepaper)
    Our time is now, credit union mortgage lenders! For the next 18 months we have a rare opportunity to become our members’ housing finance provider of choice today, tomorrow and for decades to come. We’re doing our part to help you seize this opportunity. 18 Strategies in 18 Months is Prime Alliance’s best thinking on the actions credit unions should take right now to gain substantial market share. Presented in four broad categories - Imagine, Tune-up, Concentrate, Differentiate - you’ll find our 18 suggestions for better lending.


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