2000 Final Regulations

00-EF-12: Department of Labor: Ergonomics Program (withdrawn) 

00-EF-11: NCUA: Interpretive Ruling and Policy Statement: Chartering and Field of Membership (IRPS 00-1)

00-EF-10: FRB: Regulation Z (Credit card, charge card solicitations and applications) 

00-EF-09: NCUA: Liquidations (Treatment of Financial Assets) 

00-EF-08: NCUA: Prompt Corrective Action; Risk-Based Net Worth Requirement 

00-EF-07: NCUA: Share Insurance Revisions (Part 745) 

00-EF-06: NCUA: Direct/Indirect Leasing of Personal Property (Part 714) 

00-EF-05: NCUA: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information (Part 716) 

00-EF-04:  FRB: Payday Loans 

00-EF-03:  NCUA: Overdrafts (Part 701) 

00-EF-02: NCUA: Trustee Services (Parts 724 and 725) 

00-EF-01: NCUA: Prompt Corrective Action (Parts 702, 741 and 747)