2012 Regulatory Alerts

12-EA-34: CFPB: CARD ACT and Ability-to-Repay

12-EA-33: NCUA: Low Income Credit Union Designation

12-EA-32: NCUA: Payday Alternative Loan ANPR

12-EA-31: NCUA: Proposed Rule on Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

12-EA-30: NCUA: Definition of Rural District

12-EA-29: NCUA: Proposed Rule on the Definition of Small Credit Unions

12-EA-28: CFPB: MLO Compensation

12-EA-27: CFPB: Appraisals for Higher-Risk Mortgages

12-EA-26: CFPB: Free Access to Appraisals

12-EA-25: CFPB: Request for Information on Effective Financial Education

12-EA-24: CFPB: Mortgage Servicing
12-EA-23: NCUA: Definition of Troubled Condition

12-EA-22: NCUA: Access to Emergency Liquidity

12-EA-21: CFPB: Proposed Rule to Amend HOEPA Regulations

12-EA-20: CFPB: Mortgage Disclosures

12-EA-19: CFPB: Mortgage Disclosures (Finance Charge)

12-EA-18: CFPB: Request for Information on Senior Financial Exploitation

12-EA-17: CFPB: Request for Comment on Proposed Policy on Disclosure of Credit Card Complaint Data

12-EA-16: CFPB: Request for Comment on Qualified Mortgages

12-EA-15: CFPB: Proposed Rule: Procedural Rules to Establish Supervisory Authority Over Certain Nonbank Covered Persons Based on Risk Determination

12-EA-14: CFPB: Notice and Request for Comment on Information Collection

12-EA-13: CFPB: Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Prepaid Cards

12-EA-12: NCUA: 2012 Regulatory Review 

12-EA-11: NACHA: ACH Security Framework

12-EA-10: CFPB: Arbitration Agreements

12-EA-09: FinCEN: ANPR Customer Due Diligence Requirements

12-EA-08: CFPB: Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information

12-EA-07: CFPB: Overdraft Protection - updated

12-EA-06: NCUA: ANPR on Derivatives 

12-EA-05: CFPB: International Remittance Transfers

12-EA-04: NCUA: Loan Workouts and Nonaccrual Policy and Regulatory Reporting of Troubled Debt Restructured Loans

12-EA-03: NCUA: Changes to the Regulatory Flexibility Program

12-EA-02: NCUA: Maintaining Access to Emergency Liquidity

12-EA-01: NCUA: Loan Participations