2004 Final Regulations

04-EF-17: NCUA: Parts 717 & 748: Disposal of Consumer Information (FACT Act)  

04-EF-16: FTC: FACT Act: Identity Theft Definitions, Duration of Active Duty Alerts, and Appropriate Proof of Identity  

04-EF-15: FRB: Regulation J - Collection of Checks and Other Items by Federal Reserve Banks and Funds Transfers through Fedwire  

04-EF-14: NCUA: Change in Official or Senior Executive Officer in Credit Unions That Are Newly Chartered or Are in Troubled Condition  

04-EF-13: NCUA: Member Business Loans  

04-EF-12: NCUA: Federal Credit Union Ownership of Fixed Assets  

04-EF-11: FRB: Regulation CC - Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks (Check 21)  

04-EF-10: NCUA: Share Insurance; Living Trust Accounts  

04-EF-9: NCUA: Health Savings Accounts   

04-EF-8: NCUA: Community Development Revolving Loan Program 

04-EF-7: NCUA: Exchangeable CMOs  

04-EF-6: FRB: Regulation V Notices  

04-EF-5: FRB: Regulation Z (Truth in Lending)  

04-EF-4: NCUA: Conversion of Insured Credit Unions to Mutual Savings Bank (12 CFR Part 708a)  

04-EF-3: NCUA: Share Insurance - Living Trust Accounts  

04-EF-2: NCUA: Suretyship and Guaranty; Maximum Borrowing Authority  

04-EF-1: FRB/FTC: Effective Dates for the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003