Obama Administration Creates New Retirement Savings Option (Blog Post)
Obama Administration Creates New Retirement Savings Option (Blog Post)

The Obama administration has announced the creation of a new retirement savings account designed to target Americans not covered by a workplace retirement plan. The new accounts will be offered through employers and are expected to become available in late 2014.


In order to attract and retain members, credit unions must continually enhance and increase both the traditional and electronic means by which members obtain loans and direct investments.

As part of a full service offering, IRAs and other retirement plan options are key components of differentiation. This is where Ascensus can make the difference for you. Ascensus is committed to the success of the credit union market.

It is uniquely positioned to develop, implement and support all of your credit union's financial planning initiatives. Its staff is unique, as it is comprised of seasoned retirement planning and financial services experts who work side by side with leading-edge Web designers and programmers. It is this distinct combination that allows Ascensus to create solutions that remain virtually unparalleled in the retirement services industry.


Leading the Ascensus suite of solutions are the following:

Retirement Central - A culmination of retirement planning tools and educational content that brings value to your members, your operational support areas and your distribution channels.

IRA Service Center - A complete on-line IRA document generation system that ensures compliance with each transaction, whether staff directed or member directed through your public Web site.

Retirement Learning Suite - The most comprehensive educational program in the retirement services industry includes instructor-led training, teleconference sessions with web-enhanced presentations, and a complete eLearning library containing self-paced modules, exams, and an administrative support system.

Credit Union Forms Solutions - A complete line of IRA and retirement plans forms designed specifically for the credit union market. These forms are easy to use and can be customized in either printed or electronic formats.

Health Savings Account Solutions - Forms and software to help you manage this new and exciting product to members.

Visit the Resource Solution Catalog for additional resources.

Ascensus Resource Solution

Certified IRA Professional (CIP) Designation

Ascensus and the NAFCU Services Corporation have developed the prestigious, nationally recognized Certified IRA Professional (CIP) designation exclusively for experienced credit union professionals who have IRA compliance or operations responsibilities, and to give formal recognition to individuals who meet specific standards of experience, ethics, knowledge, and performance in the IRA industry.  Learn more.

In preparation for taking the CIP exam, NAFCU members are encouraged to attend the IRA Institute or IRA Online Institute

Education Opportunities

Ascensus Educational CatalogAscensus is the foremost provider of IRA and retirement plan education. We deliver IRA and retirement plan training that simplifies processes and promotes growth within financial organizations. So that you can better plan for your training, all of Ascensus’ education programs and schedules are listed in the Ascensus Credit Union Catalog.

Create a successful IRA or HSA training program with Ascensus’ Training Organizers™.  Learn more.  



Ascensus, Inc.'s mission is to be the premier provider of traditional and technology-based solutions to the retirement services industry. Building on its nearly 30 years of experience, our market presence and foresight, Ascensus has developed a comprehensive suite of products designed to make your credit union more competitive in today's marketplace.

Over 9,000 financial organizations, including more than 1,300 credit unions nationwide have come to depend on the retirement services and solutions provided by Ascensus.

Educational Resources

  •  Get Ready for 2014 Basic Tax Reporting (Webinar)
    Join industry expert Paul Kern as he discusses what you need to know to prepare for 2014 basic tax reporting. In this webinar, he will focus on IRA tax forms and due dates, as well as touch on 2015 IRA highlights:
  •  Obama Administration Creates New Retirement Savings Option (Blog Post)
    The Obama administration has announced the creation of a new retirement savings account designed to target Americans not covered by a workplace retirement plan. The new accounts will be offered through employers and are expected to become available in late 2014.
  •  The Latest on Establishing and Funding IRAs (Webinar)
    This webinar will cover the basic requirements for establishing and funding IRAs. Credit union professionals of all levels will walk away from this webinar with the understanding of compliant processes. Webinar attendees will also receive a 15-page participant guide with practical tips for IRA operations.
  •  Open Enrollment Opens the Door to HSA Growth (Blog Post)
    It’s open enrollment time and employees across the country are choosing their health care plans for next year. For credit unions offering health savings accounts (HSAs), this opens the door to HSA growth.
  •  Basic Tax Reporting Responsibilities (Recorded Webinar)

    The Basic Tax Reporting Responsibilities webinar is a great overview for credit union professional staff. Attendees of this webinar will learn to identify the IRA, ESA, and HSA tax forms required for contributions and distributions; recite the IRA, ESA, and HSA tax form due dates to the account owner and IRS; and analyze current tax year processes.

  •  Retirement Savings Incentives Listed Among Possible Tax Reform Options (Blog Post)
    The Senate Finance Committee has released its Economic Security tax reform option paper  containing a laundry list of retirement savings incentives among the possible tax reform options. The non-exhaustive list is just the latest indication that retirement savings incentives will be scrutinized as part of efforts to reform the tax code, in part because their cost to the Treasury is second only to the cost of the exclusion of employer contributions for healthcare.
  •  Establishing and Funding IRAs (Recorded Webinar)
    In this webinar, learn how to define the purpose and tax advantages of traditional and Roth IRAs, hear how to identify the IRA contribution eligibility requirements, discuss the process for establishing an IRA, and more.
  •  Proposed IRA Changes Focus on Small Business and Middle Class Taxpayers (Blog Post)
    In the weeks since the Obama Administration released its 2014 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal, much attention has been paid to the proposed cap of $3 million on IRAs and employer plans, and the reduced tax incentives for higher-income taxpayers in order to raise $9 billion of additional revenue over the next 10 years. Learn more about the proposed IRA changes, and how they will affect small businesses and middle class taxpayers.
  •  IRA Withholding Notice and Election Requirements (Article)

    With many of your members getting ready to take out their 2013 required minimum distributions (RMDs), now is the perfect time to brush up on the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) withholding notice and election requirements for credit unions.

  •  Obama Budget Proposes Cap on Retirement Plan Balances (Blog Post)
    The Obama Administration has proposed a cap of $3 million on IRAs and retirement savings plans in order to raise $9 billion of additional revenue over the next 10 years. This is the first time that the Obama Administration has proposed a cap on the total amount of assets that can be accumulated in IRAs and retirement savings plans held by individuals. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Individually Focused IRA Marketing (Blog Post)
    The April 15 tax filing and IRA contribution deadline is only one month away. Much of the marketing focus this year is on the higher IRA contribution limits. For 2013, the IRA contribution limit is $5,500, up from the previous $5,000 limit. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  113th Congress Faces Contentious Issues (Blog Post)
    With the photo-ops and swearing-in ceremonies over, and the presidential inauguration now a memory, the 113th Congress is hard at work facing a number of contentious, but familiar, issues, one of which is tax reform. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Saved By the “Fiscal Cliff” Bell (Blog Post)
    As most Americans were ringing in the New Year, the Senate was holding an early morning roll call vote on a bill to avoid hurtling off the “fiscal cliff” that would have resulted from the expiration of the Bush-era tax rates and spending cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  End of Year Tax Reporting—Make sure your credit union is prepared! (Webinar)

    Whether you’re new to tax reporting, or need to freshen up your understanding of the regulations, this recorded webinar will help you make sure your credit union is prepared. This webinar will cover IRA, ESA, HSA tax forms and due dates. You will learn to identify due dates for tax forms to account owners and the IRS, and to determine which tax forms are needed for each account type.

  •  Happy holidays reporting for IRAs, HSAs and ESAs? (Blog Post)
    It’s that time of year again! And no, I’m not talking about the holidays and gift giving. In fact, the timing has more to do with a little bit of ‘bah humbug’ in the form of 2012 IRA, HSA, and Coverdell ESA Tax Reporting. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  How to Guide: Establishing and Funding IRAs (Webinar)

    There are many topics surrounding IRA's, from establishing the account to the year-end tax benefits. You and your members have questions, and we have the answers! During this free recorded webinar, we will educate you on the basics for both Traditional and Roth IRAs, including how to establish and fund IRAs for members, tax advantages, contribution eligibility, and more.

  •  Year-End IRA Program Best Practices (Podcast)
    December is the perfect time of year to review year-end best practices at your credit union, including those for your IRA program. In this podcast, we speak with an expert on IRAs who answers commonly asked questions posed by IRA professionals at this busy time of year.
  •  Year-End IRA Program Checklist for Credit Unions (Document)
    December is the perfect time of year to review year-end best practices at your credit union, including those for your IRA program. Use this checklist to prepare for the busy tax reporting season.
  •  Understanding IRA Contributions: From Deadlines to Deductibility Rules (Recorded Webinar)
    With the tax deadline approaching, it’s important for your credit union to gear up for the hectic IRA contribution season. Your members will have questions and you need to have the answers! Watch this recorded webinar to train yourself in both Traditional and Roth IRA issues, including deadlines, limits, possible tax credits and traditional IRA deductibility rules.
  •  Roth Conversions - Why Should I Convert? (Podcast)

    Thanks to recent changes in IRS rules, practically everyone is eligible for a Roth IRA conversion minus the tax consequences. This offers a significant opportunity for credit unions to both offer a compelling member benefit and also generate non-fee income. In this podcast, we visit with Kim Johnson, Director of ERISA Technical Support for Ascensus. Kim joined Ascensus in 1994, bringing to his position a wide range of experience in the insurance and investment industries.

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  • NAFCU Services and Ascensus Provide Podcast on New Roth Conversion Rules (July 1, 2010)
    WASHINGTON — NAFCU Services Corporation ( today announced the availability of an educational audio podcast, “Roth Conversions – Why Should I Convert?” The podcast was created with Ascensus, the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for IRA, Retirement Plan and Health Savings Account (HSA) solutions.


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