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NAFCU Services Selects CUNA Mutual Group as Preferred Partner for Auto & Home and Life Insurance
NAFCU Services Selects CUNA Mutual Group as Preferred Partner for Auto & Home and Life Insurance

JANUARY 30, 2017 ARLINGTON, VA - NAFCU Services Corporation has selected CUNA Mutual Group, a leading provider of insurance and financial services for credit unions and their members, as their Preferred Partner for Auto & Home, and Life Insurance.


CUNA Mutual Group is proud to be the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for TruStage® Auto & Home and Life insurance products and Mortgage Payment Protection.

TruStage® Life Insurance – The proven, empowering and member-centric way to help your members get protected.

With TruStage Life Insurance you get a proven multi-media marketing program to reach your members where they are. Members get straightforward guidance and a budget-first approach, empowering them to just get started. Credit union member relationships will be strengthened with our member-centric approach that puts members’ needs first.

CUNA Mutual encompasses a full portfolio of term life and whole life products to meet your members’ unique needs while generating non-interest income for your credit union.

TruStage® Auto & Home Insurance Program – The proven, predictable, immediate way to get your members protected. 

TruStage is proven to help your members save an average of $519.52 from nationally known industry leaders.* You’ll get predictable, consistent results with marketing media backed by refined segmentation and analytics. And your credit union earns bottom line income as soon as a policy is sold.

For more information, download the TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program document.

Gain more for you and your members:

  • With TruStage, members can use any device at any time to access to research and manage polices.
  • Plus, members can purchase Whole Life, Term Life, and Auto insurance from start to finish entirely online
  • And more than 17 million members rely on CUNA Mutual to protect their loved ones

But don't just take our word for it:

*Average annual savings based on countrywide survey of new customers from 01/27/2014 to 01/16/2015 who reported their prior insurers' premiums when they switched to Liberty Mutual’s group auto and home program. Savings do not apply in MA.

Mortgage Payment Protection—for your members' biggest investments

Nearly 79% of Americans believe their home is more than just a residence, they view it as a good investment. Over a third consider it a better investment than stocks. Now your credit union can help members protect their investment while protecting your growing mortgage portfolio by offering Mortgage Payment Protection.

Watch the short video to learn more:

What is Mortgage Payment Protection?

Mortgage Payment Protection is an optional insurance product that can be offered as part of the mortgage application process. It helps cover a member’s monthly mortgage payment for a critical period in the event of a covered death, disability or forced unemployment – among the top reasons for mortgage default.

Mortgage Payment Protection gives credit unions a new way to support members and homeowners who may be less prepared than ever for emergency expenses. Credit unions that offer it are leveraging a comprehensive insurance and training program that protects members’ home mortgages.

To learn more about CUNA Mutual Group's Mortgage Payment Protection, Life, and Auto & Home coverage contact Janet McDonald.

About CUNA Mutual Group

CUNA Mutual Group helps people plan, protect and invest for their future – regardless of their financial standing. The company was founded more than 80 years ago by credit union leaders who were looking for an insurance and investment partner they could trust. Today, CUNA Mutual Group helps credit unions and hardworking Americans build financial security through commercial and personal insurance products; lending and payment security solutions; and risk management, retirement, investment and marketing services. Additional information about the company can be found at


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