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Dovenmuehle is one of the largest and oldest subservicing firms in the United States and is among the leading subservicing firms for credit unions nationwide. It is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Mortgage Subservicing.



Dovenmuehle provides subservicing for credit unions of all sizes. It subservices first mortgages, closed-end second mortgages and revolving home equity lines of credit. 

Services include the following:

  • New loan boarding
  • Monthly billing and payment processing
  • Member service
  • Escrow administration
  • ARM loan servicing
  • Investor reporting, remitting and reconciliations
  • Collections, loss mitigation and default administration
  • Payoffs, releases and satisfactions
  • Credit bureau, IRS and member year-end reporting.

Dovenmuehle can subservice mortgage loans held in portfolio as well as loans sold to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. All services are provided on a private label basis under the name of the credit union. Dovenmuehle provides complete on-line access for your associates and members with a private label mortgage servicing website linked directly from the credit union's home banking system. Clients benefit from reduced servicing costs, consistently excellent levels of member service and guaranteed regulatory compliance.

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

No cost initial portfolio conversions and discounted fees for new loan set-up and other specific service offerings.

Educational Resources

  •  Keys to Subservicer Evaluation and Selection (Webinar)
    This webinar to learn from the largest subservicer how best to evaluate and select the right subservicing partner for your credit union based on your portfolio, investor mix, product range and other key selection factors.
  •  Best Practices for Mortgage Subservicing Integration (Recorded Webinar)
    Your member’s home is probably the largest and most important purchase in their life. How well are you handling their mortgage? The answer depends upon how well you and your subservicer have coordinated and synchronized operations.
  •  Credit Union Industry Experts: What's in Store for 2013 (Blog Post)
    For our year-end blog post I asked our Preferred Partners to tell us what they see coming over the horizon, from their perspective, that credit union executives need to be focused on and/or prepared for as we head into 2013. Looking back a year, I see some common themes—revenue issues, economic uncertainty, regulatory uncertainty, and political uncertainty. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Prospective Changes in Mortgage Servicing Compensation (Podcast)
    In this podcast, we speak with mortgage servicing expert David Allison, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Dovenmuehle, about the current structure of mortgage servicing compensation, what changes may be on the horizon, and how they could negatively impact your credit union.
  •  Top 10 Questions About Mortgage Subservicing Answered (Podcast)
    In this podcast we get the answers from an expert on the top 10 questions about mortgage subservicing, including the difference between servicing and subservicing, services typically provided under a subservicing agreement, costs of subservicing versus in-house mortgage servicing and much more.
  •  Mortgage Loan Servicing – Current Issues and Options for Credit Unions (Podcast)
    There has been a flood of legislative and regulatory reform heavily affecting the Mortgage Loan Servicing industry, and it’s probably not over yet. In this podcast we speak with David Allison, the Senior Vice President responsible for business development at Dovenmuehle on the mortgage servicing changes, challenges and opportunities that exist for credit unions today.

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  • NAFCU Services Chooses Dovenmuehle for Mortgage Subservicing Solutions (March 23, 2011)
    NAFCU Services Corporation today announced the addition of Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. to its Preferred Partner Program for mortgage subservicing solutions for credit unions. Dovenmuehle is the largest and oldest subservicing firm in the United States and a leading subservicer for credit unions.


David Allison