2017 Session Handouts

2017 CEOs and Senior Executives Conference attendees may download the handouts for sessions at the links below. Handouts are password protected for attendees only. If you are an attendee of the conference and misplaced your password, please contact NAFCU's Member Service Center at msc@nafcu.org.

Washington and Industry UpdateEarn NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Presented by B. Dan Berger, President and CEO, NAFCU;Carrie Hunt, EVP of Government Affairs/General Counsel, NAFCU

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Hear the latest on challenges facing the industry, and how lawmakers and NAFCU are dialoging to reduce the potential negative impacts on your credit union.

Recommended Field of Study for CPE Credits: Regulatory Ethics

Keynote Presentation: Creating Cultures of Leadership and the Power of "Lollipop Moments"

Presented by Drew Dudley, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Day One Leadership

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In his keynote, voted "one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time," Drew Dudley delivers practical insights on how successful leaders create cultures of leadership in their own lives and within their organizations.

Navigating Digital

Presented by Tim Murphy, General Counsel and Chief Franchise Officer, Mastercard

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Mastercard's General Counsel & Chief Franchise Officer, Tim Murphy, will discuss how to engage and strengthen your relationship with consumers through digital payments while keeping your brand front and center.

Five Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line for Growth

Presented by Pete Hilger, President and CEO, Allied Solutions, LLC

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Allied Solutions' CEO and President, Pete Hilger, will share key insights on how credit unions can generate non-interest income.

NCUA UpdateEarn NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Presented by The Honorable Rick Metsger, Board Member, NCUA

NCUA Board Member Rick Metsger will provide an update on his Continual Quality Improvement initiative. You'll explore the policy and procedure changes that flowed from it, such as exam flexibility and field of membership reform.  Metsger will also discuss the impact on NCUA and the overall credit union community.

Recommended Field of Study for CPE Credits: Regulatory Ethics

CECL – An Overview of What CEOs Need to KnowEarn NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Presented by Dr. Joseph Breeden, Founder & CEO, Prescient Models, LLC; Dale Fosselman, President/CEO, Deep Future Analytics LLC; and Curt Long, Director of Research and Chief Economist, NAFCU

Sponsored by Conference Thought Leader, Affinion Group

The new CECL rules provide a considerable amount of flexibility in implementation, which makes it difficult for lenders to assess the options available and potential impact and trade-offs. With a rule like this looming over and threatening your bottom line, that choice is significant.

NAFCU has teamed up with renowned data scientists to test a range of models and options for implementing the new loan loss rules that credit unions need to start preparing for now. Hear straight from the researchers that did this study about its results and important considerations to help you determine the best implementation model for your credit union. We'll also cover factors you need to use to estimate the expected loss over a loan's life, including historical loss information, current conditions, and forecasting models.

Recommended Field of Study for CPE Credits: Accounting

How Millennials Talk About Financial Services

Presented by Tansley Stearns, Chief Impact Officer, Filene Research Institute

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The Digital Channel: Balancing Risk, Cost and ConvenienceEarn NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Presented by Adam Blue, CTO & EVP, Q2

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Credit union members want ease-of-access to their funds and financial services, as well as ironclad security. Regulatory agencies want you to implement controls, reporting and oversight to ensure that you do what you say you do. Attackers just want to steal money and data. Being in the middle of these competing demands for resources and focus can feel like trying to run between subway cars in the dark during a riot. In this session, you'll learn how to better understand and accept these competing demands and gain guidance and clarity about how to operate in this challenging environment.

Recommended Field of Study for CPE Credits: Management Advisory Services

Keynote Presentation: The HERO Effect – Creating a Culture of Heroes at Every Level

Presented by Kevin Brown, Professional Speaker/Motivational Storyteller with Kevin Brown Enterprises, LLC

Leadership begins with mastering yourself and the daily habits required to become a world class leader, mentor and coach. We reproduce what we are! In this closing keynote presentation, you'll learn actionable leadership principles to begin creating a higher culture of excellence at every level in your organization—what Brown calls "The Hero Effect."