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eZforex.com is NAFCU Services' Preferred Partner for Foreign Currency Exchange Services.

Your credit union members are traveling the globe in record numbers and conducting business globally. 

We offer a convenient venue for your members to purchase foreign cash or send IATs to Europe in minutes, integrating all global transfers and generating new revenues for your credit union with a value added service.

Members appreciate our lower sender fees and lower exchange fees. Senders save 50% over traditional wires while beneficiaries pay $0 in fees or deductions.

A one-stop shop for all countries, eZforex.com helps credit unions submit transfers behind online banking. We eliminate the need for intermediary and corresponding banking relationships that traditionally charge intermediary fees and our automated depositing of funds leads to a much lower risk of error. Credit unions are granted unlimited training and access to our support desk.

eZforex incorporates the disruptive FedGlobal® ACH technology developed by the Federal Reserve in the first fully integrated front-end interface for financial institutions. We provide foreign exchange services to banks, banker's banks, credit unions, and corporate credit unions using state of the art, innovative technology over a secure network, with embedded BSA and OFAC screening and compliance. Our OFAC list is updated nightly.

About eZforex.com, Inc. (eZforex)

eZforex.com, Inc., a Longview, Texas based corporation, is the nation’s leading foreign exchange service provider for financial institutions. Founded by Evan Shelan in 1994, eZforex was created to provide currency to credit unions, banks, travel-related companies, and direct consumers prior to departing the United Sates for travel. Today, with over 4,000 banks and credit unions, eZforex provides a turnkey solution for financial institutions in need of foreign currency and international transfers.

Educational Resources

  •  Together at Last...Blockchain & Same Day ACH (Webinar Case Study)
    Learn how Star One Credit Union managed to implement a new international payments mechanism capitalizing on blockchain technology and Same Day ACH. This case describes the journey of a Credit Union looking to make a difference for its members, and the courageous choices made, in the face of ever increasing compliance in the financial services industry.
  •  New Opportunities In international Payments (Webinar)
    Expert presenter, Jorge Jimenez, will talk about the new opportunities available to credit unions in international payments. During this session, Jorge will demonstrate how credit unions can not only capitalize on International ACH, foreign checks, and cash, but also better manage the implementation and the associated compliance aspects.
  •  Why ACHs are the Future of International Payments (Webinar)
    Due to globalization and labor migration, companies who engage in international payments have an opportunity to increase market share in 2014. Is your credit union strategically positioned to take advantage of this evolving market?
  •  Uncover the Unknowns of Foreign Currency Exchange (Webinar)
    From the spot rate to the Bitcoin, from your local credit union branch to your member traveling in Europe, join Evan Shelan, CEO of eZforex.com, and Rachel Smith, Director of Strategic Alliances for a cultured glance into the world of foreign currency exchange.
  •  International Payments Post Dodd-Frank: A Game Changer (Podcast and Presentation)
    With new Dodd-Frank requirements for international remittances looming in the not-to-distant future, many credit unions are rethinking whether they can (or should) continue to offer this service. Find out how to offer this service and remain compliant.
  •  Problem Solved: International Payment Remittances, Post Dodd-Frank (Recorded Product Demo)
    This is a product demonstration of eZforex's interface to the Federal Reserve's FedGlobal® International ACH Payments. This solution allows you to offer international payments to your members while meeting the new federal requirements coming October 2013.
  •  Innovating the Shared Branching Interface with Foreign Exchange
    Despite the tough economy, credit union members are continuing to travel. Daily foreign currency exchanges are in the trillions of dollars. Taking advantage of this virtually untapped opportunity in the credit union industry, eZforex.com and FSCC (Financial Service Centers Cooperative) recently unveiled the first integrated foreign currency purchase platform connecting online foreign currency transaction data to the FSCC Shared Branching Network of over 6,500 credit unions.
  •  The Basics of Foreign Exchange (Webcast)
    Even in a challenging economy, millions of Americans, including your credit union members, are traveling the world and conducting business globally. Offering a convenient venue for members to purchase foreign currency or send a wire to Europe in minutes is a value-added service to credit union members that generates new revenues. In this webcast, we review the basics of foreign exchange and the value it can bring to your credit union.

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