Is Your Credit Union Structured for Innovation and Growth? Earn CPE Credits

How do you exploit current business while also exploring options for the future? Incremental changes since the passbook and personal loan days have led our organizations into activities as diverse as mortgage lending, mobile banking, and branch building. Over time, the survivors are those whose leaders managed to grow stable balance sheets while responding to shifting consumer demand for products, services, and delivery channels. Examine case studies of credit unions that have structured themselves for innovation and get tools to assess where your organization stands.

The CU 50: New and Next Ideas to Grow Your Top Line, Bottom Line, and Member Value Line Earn CPE Credits

How do 50 unique credit unions from 50 different states expand revenue, scale productivity, and boost profits? These new and "next" ideas can help your credit union increase revenue, streamline delivery, and maximize your members’ experience and loyalty. The top line is the new bottom line, but only when operations are efficient and service is at its finest. These next practices from credit unions nationwide provide functioning ideas that you can implement right away, allowing your credit union to continue moving forward.

The Future of Financial InstitutionsEarn NCCO creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Join Brett King, named the "King of the Disrupters" by Banking Exchange magazine and the "#1 Financial Services Influencer" by The Financial Brand, as he discusses the direction of banking over the next decade and beyond. Learn more

Leveraging CUSOs to Collaborate and Risk-ShareEarn NCCO creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Learn how to leverage a CUSO to decrease your costs, increase lending, create member growth opportunities, and reduce your risk. And did we mention CUSOs can be a great way to earn non-interest income? You'll learn how, gain best practices, and hear how to solve common challenges at this panel of highly successful CUSO members, moderated by Guy Messeck of NACUSO.

Winning the Talent War to Promote Organizational Growth Earn CPE Credits

Organizations have long stated that employees are their #1 asset. What's changed, however, is what organizations are doing to attract and retain them. You'll understand how to better compete for your best assets, and how to ensure you continue winning the talent war so you have the people power to propel your credit union's growth.

Growing Your Market Share - How to Achieve Lending Growth in an Increasingly Crowded Market Earn CPE Credits

Banks and FinTech companies seemingly continue to grow market share. In fact, FinTech companies have the potential to take away $4.7 trillion worth of revenue from traditional financial services, according to Goldman Sachs. You need to stand out in this crowded space! A panel of credit unions who've already achieved massive lending success will provide tips, solutions and other insights on how you can boost your lending program.

Lending Growth Strategy: Shifting from In-person to Digital Engagement Earn CPE Credits

Growing your lending portfolio means going where your members are: digital channels like apps, social media, and more. This session will examine how to shift from an in-person lending channel to a member-wowing digital experience that attracts millennials and makes you more relevant for years to come.

Which Regulations will Positively and Negatively Impact Your 2018 Growth?Earn NCCO creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

New regulations can lead to growth opportunities for your credit union, or they can hinder your ability to offer certain services and programs. This NAFCU-led session will examine upcoming rules and how they'll impact your ability to grow in 2018.

Driving Growth by Engaging Your Community Earn CPE Credits

Getting out and being involved in your community isn't just a central tenant of being a credit union; it's also an incredible way to discover new growth opportunities. Hear how our panel successfully ingrained their credit unions into the communities they serve—and the triple bottom line results they experienced as a result.

The Future of PaymentsEarn NCCO creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Where will payments be in 2, 5 and 10 years? Strategies are shifting and so are the methods your members are using to pay. Uncover the increasingly dynamic landscape of payments, how digital wallet strategies are key to your credit union's success, and which strategies are best for your credit union.

Raising the Level of Commercial Lending Competition - A Panel Discussion Earn CPE Credits

Commercial lending can be a game changer for your institution. But what are the ins and outs of running a successful portfolio? Our panel of credit unions who've excelled at commercial lending will share their stories so you can get a jump on implementing, and successfully maintaining, your own program.

Mergers - A Case Study from Webster First FCUEarn NCCO creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Mergers are a complicated proposition, with a ton of moving parts. Gain a clearer roadmap from Mike Lussier, President and CEO of Webster First FCU. He'll discuss his experience merging with 14 other credit unions to help you better understand what's involved in a merger, how to determine the value of a potential merger partner, and how to create a smoother, less stressful merger for your employees, directors and most importantly your members.  

Credit Union Data & Analytics: Knowledge for GrowthEarn NCCO creditsNCRM logoEarn CPE Credits

Learn the impressive gains in member service and top-line revenue, as well as reduced acquisition costs, that can be attained by developing and implementing a data and analytics strategy. We’ll share case studies from credit unions that have developed their data capabilities, insights into members’ data privacy and security concerns, and a framework to help credit unions kick start and continue your data and analytics journeys. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the “gems” that lies within your credit union’s data.

Growth Round Table Discussions - Best Practices, Challenges, and the Road Ahead Earn CPE Credits

What are you going to do with the information you've learned all week at the conference? We'll help you! This full-room discussion will be guided by NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger, and feature speakers from the week. It's a great opportunity to ask follow-up questions and receive a game plan for implementing new ideas.