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Your members are constantly receiving a variety of competing marketing messages. It's crucial for you to send the right message to the right person at the right time, using the right channel. How can you leverage your data to personalize these multi-channel messages and measure success? Is your challenge recapturing auto loans from other financial institutions or increasing member retention? Onboarding new members or selling GAP/MBP after the loan transaction? Whether it's a single campaign or an ongoing, complex program, we have a solution. 

iSolutions provides true business intelligence so you can make informed decisions on where to spend your marketing dollars, and track performance on each channel at every step in the campaign. 

Interactive Marketing Platform Solution:
Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and Automated Express


Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

This platform fully integrates your email, social media, mobile, and direct mail campaigns into one user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. You can analyze and streamline your traditional and digital marketing in one seamless automated platform, eliminating separate silos, inconsistent reporting, and mixed results. Real-time analytics enable you to test and refine your approach, offering maximum efficiency. 

Platform Components 

  1. Email: Includes content creation and list management tools. Easy automation tools for non-technical marketers. Real-time tracking and reporting. Triggered emails such as overdraft notifications, abandoned shopping carts, and more are easy. 
  2. Mobile: Create and manage inbound and outbound SMS campaigns. Real-time tracking and reporting. List management tools. 
  3. Social: Makes it easy to build branded Facebook pages and manage an unlimited number of social media conversations, across different accounts by different internal users.
  4. Print: Leverage our printing capabilities (digital and offset printing; long run offset and short-run digital; full color variable pieces and intense multi-channel integration) for personalized, on-demand runs.   

Automated Express

This solution allows you to execute a campaign without investing in the full iSolutions Marketing Automation Platform. It's inexpensive and your current budget can grow portfolio, yield and fee revenue. You provide the list and the offer, and we'll execute on your behalf. It's transparent to your members and you receive and manage the responses.    

  •  One year subscription 
  •  Best practices content creation 
  •  Creative set of email templates provided 
  •  Personalized URLs 
  •  Branding is customized for your CU 
  •  Responses and results will go to the CU 
  •  ROI is calculated     

Innovative campaigns include:    

  •  Trade-Up - will help ensure you keep existing borrowers when it's time for them to get a new auto loan 
  •  v-Recapture - can help you recapture auto loans from other financial institutions 
  •  Custom Onboarding - welcome new members and educate them on all of the things your Credit Union has to offer 
  •  Post Close GAP/Post Close MBP -  will help increase production on those members who didn't purchase these products initially   


NAFCU Members will receive a two hour Member Preference Management Consulting Service at no charge.  


iSolutions is a strategic partnership between Member Assist and Allied Solutions, a NAFCU Services Preferred Partner. iSolutions is the credit union industry's leading interactive marketing platform, leveraging superior content and analytics into personalized member services that increase loan volume, portfolio yield, and fee revenue.

Educational Resources

  •  Top Five Interactive Marketing Mistakes Credit Unions Make (Podcast)
    Credit union marketing has become a challenging discipline, with updates in technology, compliance requirements, security, and consumer preferences regularly changing the playing field. Many marketers find themselves generating the same static, one-way communication campaigns, despite the wealth of member data they have. The answer? Interactive marketing, representing 1:1 relevant and contextual messaging.  

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  • Member Assist, LLC Joins NAFCU Services Preferred Partner Program with iSolutions (March 20, 2013)
    Washington - NAFCU Services Corporation announced today that iSolutions, offered by Member Assist, LLC, has been selected as the Preferred Partner solution for interactive marketing platforms. iSolutions allows credit unions to seamlessly synchronize marketing across email, mobile, social media, outbound calling, and print channels, fully integrating traditional and digital marketing into a single, user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. The addition of iSolutions to the program follows a rigorous review by the member-run NAFCU Services Advisory Committee.


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