2017 Session Handouts

The Commodity Conundrum

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In the ever changing market, you need a solid foundation to be able to compete, but you need unique offerings and services to surpass the competition.  In this session, we will explore the required foundation (market, environment, product, customer and self-analysis) and then discover how to apply new ideas, technologies and value adds to distance yourself from the competition. Additionally, we will discuss making business partners “friends” and how to get your customers to think about you even when you are not right there in front of them.

Building Your Housing Brand to Reach Millennials

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  • Common trends among successful brands
  • How to begin aligning your own brand with the millennial audience
  • Buying trends of millennials

Relevancy Risk

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Real World Mortgage Lending Compliance Best Practices

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  • An overview of compliance for lending and operations staff
  • What you need to know to navigate the mortgage lending process

How to Compete like a Fintech Lender

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Fintech vendors are on the rise and continue to offer competitive approaches to user engagement and product adoption.  This presentation will share best-in-class digital engagement tools, give an overview of the digital competition, explain why millennials are opting more and more for digital lending, and provide practical next steps on how to establish a foundation for your credit union to succeed moving forward. 

Lending Portfolio Strategy - A Panel Discussion

  • How to develop a strategy across your entire lending program
  • How to obtain buy-in from your Board of Directors
  • Diversification of your portfolio

Economic Conditions and How They'll Affect Your Lending

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  • Understand what you should be watching and how
  • Learn how to make sense of the data

The Future of Credit Card Lending

  • Will credit cards become entirely digital?
  • Will cards integrate into money senders and FinTech products?
  • Potential future trends

Rise Above Your Lending Risk

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Keeping pace with loan fraud, lending compliance risks, and regulatory changes is challenging to say the least. However, your credit union must be determined to take those challenges head on, so you can make confident decisions regarding the most pressing lending risks. During this 60 minute session, you’ll hear about risks specific to lending that come from just about every direction imaginable.  We’ll highlight the typical lending process and identify the most common loan staff missteps, discuss risks specific to the virtual channel used to target millennials, examine lending operational loopholes that fraudsters are waiting to exploit, and discuss lending compliance trends that could trip you up.  In addition, we’ll highlight some real-life loss scenarios and share mitigation tips to help you steer clear from the danger zone as it relates to lending.  Rise Above Your Lending Risk will provide you with emerging risks impacting credit unions nationwide and give you the focus to provide the necessary oversight.

Reacting to Equifax to Curb Loan Fraud and Mitigating Flood Risk

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Compliance Best Practices for Advertising and Credit Card Lending

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  • An overview of advertising compliance for marketing staff
  • CARD Act compliance

Generating Better Business Leads

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  • How to organically grow your lead generation program
  • Best practices for lead generation

Creating a Strong Alliance Between Marketing and Compliance - A Panel Discussion

  • How to improve communication and agreement between these often-conflicting departments

Indirect Lending - Should Your Credit Union Go Down That Road? - A Panel Discussion

  • The merits of indirect lending
  • The challenges and successes credit unions have experienced

How to Acquire & Grow Your Millennial Members

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  • A look at student lending

The State of the Auto Lending Market

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As a data and technology company that partners with some of the leading financial institutions in the US, TrueCar has the latest insights into the forces shaping the auto lending market. Join Nate Roark from TrueCar as he challenges the conventional wisdom on future of Direct and Indirect Auto Lending, including sharing observations on digital auto retailing and disruptions in the industry. More importantly, he will share implications for Credit Unions in the near future. 

Revisions and Opportunities from the MBL Changes

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  • Trends to look out for in member business lending
  • How your credit union should prepare

Is Your Credit Union Structured for Lending Innovation?

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  • Why aren't credit unions leading in more lending categories?
  • What factors are holding our industry back?

CUSO Opportunities

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  • The role of CUSOs in offering new products and services to your lending portfolio

No Sweat: Why Reducing Member Effort is Your Best Loan Marketing Strategy

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Want your borrowers to come back to the credit union for their next loan—and tell others to do the same? Reducing member effort in the borrowing process is key. According to the Customer Effort Board, 94% of customers who report low effort in dealing with a company said they would repurchase, and 88% said they would increase their spending. Conversely, 81% of customers reporting high effort said they would speak negatively about the company to others. Or as Jeff Bezos of Amazon said, “In the old world, you devoted 30% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. In the new world, that inverts.”

In this presentation, credit union marketing and member research expert Constance Anderson will share insights on gaining member loyalty by reducing member effort gleaned from a study her company, MemberXP, conducted in collaboration with the Filene Research Institute and her company’s work in the area of member effort with over 100 credit unions in North America. She’ll share the most common pain points reported by members during the borrowing experience, how to implement a true Voice of Borrower feedback loop to measure member effort in your credit union, and the best practices for improving both the people and the process side of your members’ borrowing journey.