Institute Overview

Annapolis, MD

Acquire the credit union management expertise to take your career to the next level — in just five days.

NAFCU's Management and Leadership Institute, October 17-21 in Annapolis, MD, is an intensive five-day program for emerging credit union leaders. It immerses you in every facet of credit union management, giving you stronger leadership skills and a 360-degree view of what it takes to help run a successful credit union.

Upon graduation, we'll send your NAFCU Management and Leadership certificate directly to your credit union's CEO, ensuring they're aware of your enhanced leadership skills and 360-degree knowledge of credit union management.

Renowned business experts and top credit union veterans will use a mixture of classroom discussions, case studies and proactive strategy sessions to train you in the best practices of highly-effective credit union leaders—so you can become one too. You'll also get a free, signed copy of the "Managing and Leading Well" book by NAFCU leaders B. Dan Berger and Anthony Demangone.

You'll walk away with:

  • Everything a credit union leader should know about operating a credit union, including financial management, conducting an accounting cost analysis, risk management, and more
  • Effective tools to build and navigate relationships with board members and your peers
  • Proven communication techniques to help move projects forward and make you stand out as a credit union leader
  • A life-long network of fellow credit union professionals and future leaders
  • A free, signed copy of the "Managing and Leading Well" book by NAFCU leaders B. Dan Berger and Anthony Demangone
  • Your official NAFCU Management and Leadership certificate mailed directly to your CEO

Who should attend?

  • Senior- and mid-level management
  • Branch and operations managers
  • Entry-level managers with established financial industry experience or at least a bachelor's degree
  • All credit unions are welcome!