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Workshop | The Leader of the Future

Presented by John Spence, world-renowned author, speaker and consultant

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In this full-day workshop, "Top 100 Business Thought Leader" John Spence will teach you the essential steps to becoming an extraordinary leader. You'll discover the characteristics, skills, attitudes and behaviors required of outstanding future leaders.

Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday®

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Gain practical, immediate skills and techniques that maximize your ability to impact and influence others with this highly-interactive session. In two hours, you will:

  • Learn how to project confidence and credibility in your communications
  • Harness critical knowledge to avoid the eight biggest traps that negatively impact your professional image
  • Secure the tools to consciously and deliberately communicate in a way that influences others to take action
  • Get the skills you need to increase profits and cultivate trusted, long-term relationships
  • And more!

Fostering the Roles of the Board and Management

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Uniting the roles of your board and staff is key to developing a winning formula for your credit union's future. In this informative session, you'll discover how to:

  • Develop the organizational structure of the future
  • Create a tactical plan to support your strategic plan
  • Effectively communicate and explain the structure to your staff

Credit Union Financial Management

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Effective credit union leadership requires a sound understanding of financial management principles. Analysis and planning make the difference between lending, and merely running programs. This interactive session will cover topics necessary for credit union success, including: the basics of balance sheets and income statements, relevant ratios and trend analysis, the financial impact of growth, and pricing methods and strategies.

Slaying the Dragon – Understanding and Managing Compliance Risk

Presented by Anthony Demangone, executive vice president and COO, NAFCU

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Get a comprehensive overview of one today's most pressing areas of risk management with this interactive session. Learn how NCUA views compliance risk and discover the various ways credit unions manage it. Gain a solid understanding of the two very different roles compliance and internal auditing play in your organization. Explore the role of a skilled compliance officer, including what characteristics the good ones have, and when you should bring a compliance officer on full-time.

Achieving Operational Excellence

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Your team is in place, but are they working together at optimal capacity? Learn how to ensure your credit union delivers the most exceptional member experiences possible at every touchpoint. From cross-departmental communication to member journey mapping, you'll receive the tools you need to ensure your operation is excellent.

The Essentials of Credit Union Marketing

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Marketing is a must for any organization. In this dynamic, interactive session you'll discover the key elements of a customer-centered marketing strategy and the best ways to attract — and retain — members. You'll also explore how to create new, innovative member value and leverage your brand for member value. And, receive advice from an award-winning credit union veteran about leading a member-focused organization.  

Human Resources for Future Leaders

How we interact with customers is changing. Our use of data is increasing and we have multiple generations in the workplace, from different cultures with some working remotely. We'll discuss the top imperatives impacting human performance and share what organizations are doing to address these with our changing workplace dynamics.

Project Management

Presented by Devon Lyon, director of education, NAFCU

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Project management is about achieving goals and making decisions. In this session, you'll develop an understanding of the processes and methods used to guide the achievement of project objectives. You'll also learn how to move projects from initiation through planning, execution and closing in an efficient manner.

Practical Strategies for Engaging Employees

Presented by Jennifer Kuhn, Facilitator, Jennifer Kuhn LLC

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People are the most valuable asset an organization holds. Discover how to maximize employee performance via smart policies and systems, so you can help your people achieve their key objectives.

Strategically Defining Your Career Path

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You are the navigator of your own career path, whether you actively pursue that career — or fall into it. Gain insight into why it's important to update your career accomplishments every year, and how to ensure that you're leveraging your skills, competencies and expertise to make a difference. Topics in this session include: how to be seen as an internal successor candidate; how to create intentionality around language and actions congruent with how you want to be viewed professionally; how to step up and fully leverage your potential; and how to gauge the effectiveness of your leadership style and continue your self-development.

Window Into the World of the CEO

When you're charged with the vision and oversight of your entire credit union, your thought process changes. Being a credit union CEO in today's environment requires you to think strategically and consider the current economic, legislative, and regulatory environment, in addition to organizational structure and crosswalks.

15 Ideas to Empower Yourself and Your Team

Presented by Anthony Demangone, executive vice president and COO, NAFCU

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Some of the best things around us, like credit unions, started out as just an idea. This powerful session will examine 15 ideas that make you stop and ask "have I ever thought of that? Am I addressing these for myself, and my team ?" Anthony Demangone will lead you through a series of ideas and concepts to make you think, be inspired, and empowered.