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Mortgage Cadence Learning Series (Recorded Webinars)
Mortgage Cadence Learning Series (Recorded Webinars)

Discover how your credit union measures against the most efficient credit union lenders in the industry. The webinar will examine three critical metrics for improving lending performance. The learning series is offered at no cost to credit union staff.

Solution: Mortgage Processing and Fulfillment Services


Accenture Mortgage Cadence has been helping lenders of all sizes and models seize opportunity since 1999. We offer a powerful combination of loan origination technology coupled with deep mortgage knowledge that uniquely positions us to help deliver results.

Accenture Mortgage Cadence is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Mortgage Processing and Fulfillment Services.


Accenture Mortgage Cadence’s vision is to provide our customers with the last lending solution they will ever need through a commitment to partnership, service and technology innovation.

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Educational Resources

  •  Vintage Strategies for a Prosperous 2014 (Blog Post)
    With regulatory complexity and borrower impatience, adopting a manufacturing mindset will lead to success. Think about a auto assembly line. While automated components speed up the more mundane processes and ensure compliance, employees are adding the final finishing touches.
  •  The Dreaded Question, Part II (Blog Post)
    We have been so focused on refinancing existing loans for the past several years, and now that it is coming to an end, it’s time to make way for those who should, for many reasons, be buying homes. The market has shifted its focus, and it’s time for us to shift our thinking.
  •  What’s in store for 2014? Mortgage Cadence, LLC Looks Ahead (Blog Post)
    For a look at what lies ahead in 2014 for credit unions, we turned to the Preferred Partner experts. Here is what Dan Green, Mortgage Cadence, LLC had to say.
  •  The Dreaded Question (Blog Post)

    Where do homebuyers come from? Over the past 30 years, roughly as long as credit unions have been making mortgage loans, we have not had to confront the brutal reality that homeowners are not delivered by the stork.

  •  Mortgage Time (October 25, 2013)
    With the end of the government shutdown, investors turned their attention to the economic data. The September Employment report was weaker than expected, while the rest of the data released this week was mixed. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week a little lower.
  •  The Mortgage Moonshot: Zero to Close in 72 Hours (Blog Post)

    If we have a willing buyer and a willing seller who agree on purchase terms, along with a lender willing to serve its borrowers’ needs, why not design a process with appropriate and configurable risk controls to accommodate everyone’s needs? Electronic closing within 72 hours of a seller’s acceptance. Houston, we have ignition!

  •  Groundhog Day (Blog Post)

    “Winter is coming” is a good analogy for a cooling mortgage market. Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day is a strong reminder we must change behaviors in order to thrive in the new market.

  •  The Five C’s of Lending (Blog Post)

    If you were lending in the early 80s into the mid-90s you were taught the four-Cs: capacity, credit, collateral, character. Compliance is now the official fifth C where it was not before.

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