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2014 News

  • 2Q loan growth outpaces shares, is highest in 8 years (September 3, 2014) Topics: Daily News
    NCUA yesterday released second-quarter 2014 call report data which showed credit union loan growth at its highest point since 2005, as well as credit union membership up by 900,000 since the first quarter.
  • Bloomberg reports cyber-terror bank bailout likely (September 3, 2014) Topics: Daily News
    Bloomberg warned of the possibility of another taxpayer-funded bailout of banks in the increasingly likely event of a financial crisis caused by cyber-terrorism.
  • Cordray, House panel leaders join Caucus speaker slate (September 3, 2014) Topics: Daily News
    CFPB Director Richard Cordray and the chairman and ranking member of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit are set to speak during NAFCU’s Congressional Caucus next week in Washington.
  • FHFA proposes changes in FHLB membership eligibility (September 3, 2014) Topics: Daily News
    The Federal Housing Finance Agency proposed a rule Tuesday that would change the eligibility requirements for financial institutions, including credit unions, to apply for and become members of Federal Home Loan Banks.
  • Home Depot investigating possible data breach (September 3, 2014) Topics: Daily News
    Home Depot is investigating a possible data breach yesterday involving the sale of stolen debit and credit cards on the underground cybercrime market, according to reports.