What is NAFCU/PAC?

NAFCU/PAC, founded in 1976, is the political action committee for the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions. The PAC supports the credit union industry's legislative goals, educates Congress about credit union issues and encourages participation in the political process.

Why is NAFCU/PAC important to me?

Decisions made in Washington can have a tremendous impact on the credit union industry, your credit, and ultimately, your job. It is important for the future of our industry that we make ourselves heard in the political process. NAFCU/PAC is your opportunity to help elect members of Congress who understand and support the interests of credit unions and will protect your investment in the industry. NAFCU/PAC is the only way to provide direct financial support to members of Congress and candidates for federal office.

How does NAFCU/PAC support candidates?

Individual, voluntary contributions from eligible NAFCU members are pooled to support federal candidates who advocate for the interests of our industry. By combining your personal contributions with thousands of other industry advocates, NAFCU/PAC gives you a far greater impact in the political process than you would have acting alone. In the 2016 election cycle, NAFCU/PAC supported over 130 different members of Congress and candidates with a 97% of the candidates the PAC supported won their election or re-election.

Does NAFCU PAC favor candidates from one political party over the other?

NAFCU/PAC is completely independent and bipartisan. Candidates who receive financial support are evaluated on their merits and their understanding of the credit union industry. In the 2016 election cycle, NAFCU/PAC supported 60% of Republican members of Congress and candidates’ campaigns and 40% of Democratic members of Congress and candidates’ campaigns.

2017/2018 Political Action and PAC Committee

Gary Grinnell, Chair, Corning FCU
Chris Anuswith, ABNB FCU
David Casey, Family Trust FCU
Sheryl Cox, America First Credit Union
James Kenyon, Whitefish CU
Steve Wichmann, Heritage Trust FCU
Maria Mendez, DIRECT FCU

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