Economic & Credit Union Industry Trends

Keep your finger on the pulse of the credit union industry with NAFCU's data-driven reports and studies related to critical factors that affect your credit union growth and performance.

Federal Credit Union TrendsCU Industry Trends*

Includes credit union trends from membership to loan growth as well as cost of funds data, both at the industry level and broken down by state, region, and asset size (quarterly report).

CU Performance Benchmark ReportCU Performance Benchmark and Operating Expense Reports*

A quarterly, member-only report that measures your credit union's financial performance against regional and asset class peers and monitors emerging trends in the industry. This includes Key Financial Ratio Analysis (KFRA) and Operating Expense Analysis (OEA).

Economic and CU MonitorEconomic and CU Monitor*

A monthly enewsletter on the macroeconomic and financial trends affecting today's credit unions.

Quarterly Economic and Credit Union Outlook WebcastMacroeconomic Data Flash Reports*

Key economic indicators affecting your credit union operations and member offerings.

Salary Comparison ReportSalary Comparison Report*

A member-only report that allows you to benchmark staff salaries with other businesses with whom you are competing for top talent.

Share Insurance Fund Analysis & Forecast Share Insurance Fund Analysis & Forecast

NAFCU's ongoing analysis and forecast of the NCUA Share Insurance Fund based on estimated changes to its equity ratio, driven by insured share growth, investment yield, insurance loss expenses and operating expenses.

Annual Reports on Credit UnionsAnnual Report on Credit Unions

Credit union financial condition, regulatory and legislative issues, credit union service to members and use of Federal Reserve services, as well as other relevant topics for the year.

Credit Union Federal Tax Exemption StudyCredit Union Federal Tax Exemption Study

Economic benefits of the credit union tax exemption to consumers, businesses, and the U.S. economy (February 2014).

CECL Study: Alternatives, Impacts, Accuracy, and ComplexityCECL Study: Alternatives, Impacts, Accuracy, and Complexity

Use this study to gain data-driven insight on how to build your roadmap to implement the new FASB CECL rules based on results of five implementation models tested with real data.

Research Survey ParticipationResearch Survey Participation*

NAFCU member credit unions are invited to participate in data collection to help us deliver important reports and analyze trends.

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