Quick Hits: The Top 35 Risks Across 7 NCUA Risk Factors

You'll learn about the top 35 risks across the seven NCUA risk factors in this fast-paced first day. We'll spend 30 minutes covering each NCUA risk factor, featuring speakers who are gurus of the top five risks in each of those NCUA categories:

  • Transaction Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Reputation Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Strategic Risk

You'll leave with a list of 35 red flags to take back to your credit union and begin working on immediately.

Leveling the Landscape

Gain real-world best practices with this interactive panel discussion. Some of the industry's most successful risk professionals will explain how their credit unions manage and mitigate the seven NCUA risks, so you can integrate these solutions into your organization.

Reducing Risks: A Real-World Tabletop Exercise

During this group-based, hands-on session, you'll examine risk scenarios, detection methods, and reporting best practices. Each group will be tasked with identifying risks across a variety of real-world scenarios, and receive constructive criticism everyone can use to improve your risk management techniques.

Defining Your Risk Appetite

In order to manage risk, first you need to define what your credit union will accept. In this session you'll learn about risk appetite statements, and how to draft the best ones to represent your credit union.

ERM Essentials, Roles and Responsibilities

Understand how to create a non-silo approach to risk management. After all, everyone in your credit union has a role to play in mitigating risk. You'll explore best practices on:

  • Obtaining executive buy-in;
  • reporting and reducing the 7 NCUA risks;
  • and performing information management.

Rethinking Your Risk Assessment Process: A Detailed Walkthrough and Hands-on Session

In order to mitigate risks, you need to assess and identify them successfully. During this group-based, hands-on session, you'll review two sample risk assessments and craft your own risk assessment—then receive constructive criticism to help you master risk assessments even more.

ERM Credit Union Best Practices

In this interactive panel discussion, you'll gain additional ERM best practices, with tips on how to ensure operational success at your credit union.

A Unique Look at Current Financial Industry Fraud Trends

Fraud is on the rise across the credit union industry. From new account fraud to payment fraud, you have to be more vigilent than ever. In this session you'll explore the latest in fraud trends and learn what to do to reduce fraud at your credit union.

Member Identification in the Wake of Cyber Information Breaches

Explore the latest fraud mitigation strategies and tactics in relation to new account opening and member verification.

Cybersecurity 2018

Data breaches, NCUA requirements with the CAT tool, strong passwords, biometric are just a few examples of technology that can both hurt and help your credit union. This dynamic session will give you the tools—and tips to use them—to help ensure your CU is safe in the world of cyberspace.

Business Continuity Planning, and Crisis Communication

Events like hurricanes, flooding, cyber intrusion, and insider fraud can test even the best credit unions. Are your business continuity and crisis communication plans ready? Bring your credit union's materials for this hands-on session that will examine your plans in action and define areas for improvement!