NCCO Exam Orientation (for NCCO Exam-Takers Only)

  • Learn and review best practices to prepare for the NCCO exam
  • Explore the best use of the NCCO study material
  • Discover how to maximize your study time

Overview of the Federal Credit Union Act, the Legislative Process and Regulator Introduction of NCUA and CFPB

  • NCUA Board Authorities
  • NCUA Organization
  • The Federal Credit Union Act
  • Organization and Prioritization of NCUA Regulations
  • CFPB Structure
  • CFPB Authority

NCUA Supervision & Examinations

  • NCUA CAMEL Rating System
  • NCUA Administrative Tools
  • NCUA Risk Focused Exam
  • Supervisory Priorities
  • Share Insurance
  • Standard Maximum Share Insurance Amount
  • Coverage of Different Accounts
  • Ways to Maximize Share Insurance
  • Organization, Bylaws and Field of Membership
  • What Defines Your Field of Membership
  • Credit Union Bylaws, and Unique Operating Rules
  • How Credit Unions are Formed, and Structured

Special Credit Union Issues

  • Express and Incidental Powers
  • Compensation
  • Expulsion
  • Limitation of Services

Life of a Compliance Officer

  • A Breakdown of Everything Compliance Officers Do
  • How to Manage the Unmanageable
  • Regs A through Z and Then Some

Regulation E 

  • The Scope of the Rule
  • Disclosure Requirements
  • Overdraft Protection

Regulation CC

  • Funds Availability Requirements
  • Disclosure Requirements
  • Extended Holds

Regulation D

  • Transaction Limitations
  • Reserve Requirements
  • What Counts Towards Reg D and What Doesn't

Truth in Savings

  • General Disclosure Requirements
  • Advertising
  • Overdraft Protection Disclosures


  • Electronic Disclosures
  • Opt-In Requirements
  • Electronic Consent


  • Regulation P
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Right to Financial Privacy

Reg B/Fair Lending

  • Fair Lending Laws – Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair Housing Act
  • Technical Requirements of Reg B
  • Fair Servicing Laws


  • Permissible Purposes for Accessing Consumer Reports
  • Scope of the Regulation
  • Adverse Action Notices

Regulation Z: Everything but TRID and the Special Mortgage Rules

  • Regulation Z’s Coverage
  • Open-End versus Closed-End Loans
  • Open-End Requirements
  • Special Rules for Credit Cards

Lending to Servicemembers - MLA and SCRA

  • MLA/ SCRA Scope – Covered Loans, Covered Borrowers
  • MAPR Calculation & Bona Fide Fees
  • Limitations
  • Penalties

NCUA Lending Regulations

  • General Lending Rule
  • Maturity and Concentration Limits
  • Commercial Lending and MBLs Part 723

TILA/RESPA Mortgage Servicing and Origination Rules

  • Origination Issues
  • Disclosures
  • Exclusions
  • Escrows
  • Kickbacks

Information and Data Security

  • Safeguarding Member Information Response
  • Programs for Unauthorized Access to Member Information
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • NCUA's Vital Records Preservation and Catastrophic Act
  • FFIECT IT handbook
  • NCUA's Security Regulations

Vendor Management

  • NCUA Expectations
  • CFPB Enforcement
  • Risk Assessment and Planning
  • Due Diligence Requirements


  • Overview of the Act
  • Role of the Governmental Agencies in BSA
  • Regulatory Requirements of a BSA Program
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements
  • Non-Compliance Penalties