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  • Economic & Credit Union Industry Trends
    Keep your finger on the pulse of the credit union industry with NAFCU’s data-driven reports and studies related to critical factors that affect your credit union growth and performance, including economic trends and industry data.
  • CU Data & Research
    NAFCU is your source for up-to-date credit union data and research related to credit union industry trends, performance monitoring and critical reports addressing credit unions and the economy.
  • Conferences
    NAFCU credit union conferences are some of the most highly-rated and respected education opportunities in the credit union community. Upcoming 2014 conferences are listed below.
  • Issues We're Bringing to the Hill
    Join the fight against overzealous regulatory burdens that continue to squeeze credit unions. Share your stories on Capitol Hill to help Congress understand where credit unions stand on critical issues, including data security, regulatory relief, tax reform and housing finance reform.
  • Legislation / Regulation

    NAFCU’s government affairs team provides essential credit union advocacy and sets the standard for strength and stability with our industry-renowned responsiveness. Our 12 experienced and proactive lobbyists work on Capitol Hill, with the NCUA Board and other federal agencies as well as the general public to ensure the legislation that passes is in the best interest of credit unions and our members. NAFCU has been a strong advocate for its members on issues such as regulatory reform, deposit insurance, changes to the bankruptcy code and new consumer protection legislation.

  • 2014 Session Handouts
    Educational session details, handouts for attendees and free bonus content from NAFCU's 2014 credit union CEOs and Senior Executives Conference, including attributes of high-performing credit unions, top challenges facing credit unions, an economic review and more.
  • Letter from Chairman Patrick McHenry to Chairman Matz
    Letter to Chairman Matz on risked based capital.
  • Paul Revere Award
    The Paul Revere Award is awarded to the credit union grassroots activist of the year. This award is intended for the individual who regularly and effectively trumpets the battle cry of the credit union community just as Paul Revere did in his day. The award is based on the grassroots contacts that have been made by individuals and reported to NAFCU. The award will be presented at NAFCU's Congressional Caucus.
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  • Annual Report
    You can view NAFCU's most recent Annual Financial Reports here.
  • NAFCU Regulatory Watch

    NAFCU members can access the latest regulatory alerts and hot issues that may directly impact their credit unions on NAFCU's Regulatory Watch page.

  • CU Data & Research Publications
    Download and subscribe to NAFCU's publications illustrating the latest credit union data and research relevant to making informed strategic decisions at your credit union.
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  • White Hat Award
    The White Award is awarded to the member credit union that raises the most for NAFCU/PAC. The award, presented at NAFCU's Annual Conference and Solutions Expo honors the winning credit union's commitment to NAFCU/PAC and to helping keep credit union supporters in Congress.
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  • NAFCU Report on Credit Unions - 2013
    The 2013 Report on Credit Unions from NAFCU delivered to the Federal Reserve Board detailing the latest issues and trends affecting credit unions and the impact of Fed actions.
  • Interchange Survey

    Interchange Survey When you open the survey, you will be prompted to open or save the file.  Please click on the Save button and save the file as the name of your credit union followed by the words interchange survey.  For

  • Corporate Stabilization Plan

    Corporate Stabilization Plan      

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  • nafcu letter
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  • credit union importance
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  • NCUA Outreach Task Force Town Hall Meeting: Background Materials

    NCUA Outreach Task Force Town Hall Meeting: Background Materials NAFCU Issue Backgrounder NAFCU Issue Brief

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  • nafcu letter on importnace
  • annual privacy policiy notification
  • Virtual Board Briefing
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  • Grassroots Activism Awards
    In recognition of the superlative grassroots efforts and impressive NAFCU/PAC contributors, NAFCU annually presents The Paul Revere Award and the White Hat Award to those individuals and credit unions who have shown exemplary grassroots efforts.
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  • Military Coalition Letter

    January 3, 2013 The Honorable Max Baucus The Honorable Orrin G. Hatch Chairman, Committee on Finance Ranking Member, Committee on Finance United States Senate United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 Washington, DC 20510 Dear Mr. Chairman and Ranking Member: The Military Coalition (TMC), a consortium of uniformed serv

  • NAFCU Adds New Reports to Economic & CU Monitor: Regional Outlook and Forecast
    NAFCU has introduced two new sections, the Regional Outlook and a Forecast, to its monthlyEconomic & CU Monitor.
  • NAFCU Board to Meet with Federal Reserve, CFPB and NCUA
    The NAFCU board of directors is scheduled to meet next week with officials at the Federal Reserve, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to discuss credit union issues.
  • NAFCU Unveils Landmark Study on Credit Unions' Benefit to U.S. Economy
    NAFCU) today released a landmark study illustrating the potentially devastating impact on the U.S. economy if the credit union federal tax exemption were eliminated.
  • NAFCU to Announce Landmark Study on Credit Unions
    NAFCU will announce the results of a landmark study on credit unions during its Congressional Caucus.
  • NAFCU: NCUA Data Points to Credit Union Strength, Growth
    The National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) second-quarter call report data validates the fact that consumers continue to find new ways to reap the benefits of membership in Main Street’s credit unions
  • Making Sense of the U.S. Economy and Housing Market (Webinar)

    Watch this recorded webinar to hear Genworth's economist, Nathan Struemph, discuss informative economic updates and forecasts. You will get a 360 degree view on economic trends, including a deeper dive into the U.S. housing market and walk away with the critical information you need to introduce stronger more definitive strategies at your credit union.

  • Re-thinking Loan Serving (Whitepaper)
    The mortgage lending landscape has changed drastically over the past several years from virtually every perspective. The implications of these changes, but especially those related to loan servicing, are or should be of interest to credit unions. Servicing in all its forms has been largely ignored over the history of credit union mortgage lending, yet last decade's cataclysm brings into sharp focus the full benefit of well-managed servicing operations...
  • NAFCU Names Carrier Chief Economist & Director of Research
    National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) President and CEO Fred Becker announced today that Dr. David Carrier will be NAFCU’s new chief economist and director of research, effective April 30.  

  • Atypical conditions help lift retail sales
    Retail sales exceeded expectations in March, but a good chunk of the month’s gain was likely due to unusual circumstances, such as unseasonably warm weather and the release of the new iPad.
  • NAFCU Promotes Pevo, Long
    NAFCU announced today two government affairs staff promotions. Jillian Pevo has been promoted from associate director of legislative affairs to senior associate director of legislative affairs, and Curt Long has been promoted from research assistant to staff economist, effective immediately. Both joined NAFCU in January of 2010.