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  • Conference Overview
    The NAFCU 2015 Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference, May 11-13 in Louisville, Kentucky is a highly-rated three-day program designed to equip you with the tools you need to successfully fill your role and responsibilities as a credit union board member or supervisory committee member.
  • 2014 Session Handouts
    Educational sessions and handouts for NAFCU's Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference, including director financial literacy training, supervisory committee training, BSA and risk management, a update from Washington, D.C. are more!
  • Conferences
    NAFCU credit union conferences are some of the most highly-rated and respected education opportunities in the credit union community. Upcoming 2014 conferences and the 2015 conference lineup are listed below.
  • NAFCU Board Elections
    NAFCU members should vote in the NAFCU Board Elections each year to ensure that your credit union's interests are represented and your voice is heard on the vital issues confronting the credit union community! Take this opportunity to participate in the nomination and election of directors to lead your association.
  • B. Dan Berger, President and CEO
    B. Dan Berger became NAFCU president and CEO on Aug. 1, 2013. He joined NAFCU in January 2006 as senior vice president of government affairs overseeing five divisions including legislative affairs, regulatory affairs, research/economics, regulatory compliance and political affairs/PAC. Berger was promoted to executive vice president of government affairs in July 2009. He is NAFCU’s chief advocate before Congress, the White House and the federal regulatory agencies.
  • Anthony Demangone, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Anthony Demangone is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at NAFCU. Before assuming the COO position, Demangone served as NAFCU’s Vice President of Regulatory Compliance, where he was responsible for NAFCU’s compliance assistance program

  • NAFCU Awards Programs
    NAFCU’s prestigious member-only credit union awards programs honor and reward the pacesetters of the credit union community, including Annual Awards, Grassroots Activism Awards and Quarter Century Honor Roll.
  • 2011 Annual Report
    2011 NAFCU Annual Report for members, including a summary of issues facing credit unions and NAFCU advocacy efforts, an update from NAFCU Services Corporation and a financial report from the treasurer and independent auditors.
  • Annual Awards
    You and your colleagues deserve recognition for taking great strides to advance your credit union! NAFCU’s 2014 Annual Awards Competition is now open and accepting entries. Entering is free and one of your NAFCU member-only benefits.
  • Board of Directors and New Staff Online Training Subscription
    The most affordable and convenient training for credit union board members and new hires. Get essential training for your credit union board and new employees in one, convenient subscription.
  • Carrie Hunt, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel
    Carrie Hunt, Esq. was named NAFCU's senior vice president of government affairs and general counsel in August 2013. She manages the association's legislative, political, regulatory, compliance and research divisions.
  • DDJ Myers, Ltd.
    DDJ Myers is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Leadership Training. Learn about DDJ Myers' new solutions in the Preferred Partner Program: Board Succession Planning and CEO Succession Planning.
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Training Certificate
    Credit union volunteers are required complete annual BSA training. NAFCU offers BSA training certificates of attendance for board members when they participate in qualifying education programs, including Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference BSA sessions, Annual Conference and Exhibition sessions, and live and on-demand webcasts.
  • Annual Report
    You can view NAFCU's most recent Annual Financial Reports here.
  • Board and New Staff Online Training Course Outline
    Available modules included in NAFCU's Board of Directors and New Staff online training subscription for credit union volunteers and new staff.
  • Detailed Board Training Course Outline
    Detailed outline of NAFCU's Board of Directors Online Training course for credit union volunteers.
  • Fiduciary and Strategic Actions for CU Board Members
    Brush up on the latest tactics for successful credit union board governance, safety and soundness, CEO oversight, strategic planning and board development.
  • Bradford Thaler, Vice President of Legislative Affairs

    Brad Thaler has been with NAFCU since July of 1999, first as associate director of legislative affairs, and then, beginning in January 2002, as director of legislative affairs. Prior to joining NAFCU, Thaler was a lobbyist for the Federal Managers Association in Alexandria, Va., where he lobbied on a diverse range of issues for supervisors and managers in the civil service.

  • NAFCU Report on Credit Unions - 2013
    The 2013 Report on Credit Unions from NAFCU delivered to the Federal Reserve Board detailing the latest issues and trends affecting credit unions and the impact of Fed actions.
  • Exploring Long Term Care Insurance for Credit Union Officials (Podcast)
    Late last year the NCUA issued a letter affirming that federal credit unions can offer long term care insurance to Board members. In this podcast you’ll hear from two experts about what long term care insurance is and how to evaluate key features, costs and benefits associated with offering this benefit to your credit union volunteers.
  • Creating and Understanding a Dashboard of Key Ratios for Directors
    This webcast provides credit union board of directors with an understanding of the ten key ratios they should be monitoring at their credit union.
  • Katherine Marisic, Vice President of Political Affairs
    Katie Marisic became NAFCU’s vice president of political affairs in August 2013. She is responsible for the development, implementation and execution of NAFCU’s political programs, including its PAC and grassroots outreach.
  • Brad Thaler
  • Barksdale Federal Credit Union's Taylor Named to NAFCU Board

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJanuary 2, 2013 WASHINGTON – The National Association of Federal Credit Unions has named Rod Taylor, president and CEO of Barksdale Federal Credit Union, as Region IV director on the NAFCU board of directors. Taylor replaces board member

  • Supervisory Committee Training Certificate
    Learn your basic responsibilities as a credit union supervisory committee member and how you can achieve them. Attend NAFCU's Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference to explore “tricks of the trade” to help you excel in your role and discover how performing your duties can improve your credit union’s operations and help safeguard your members’ assets.
  • Political Action and PAC Committee Charge
    To develop innovative programs and campaigns to vigorously solicit funds for use in the association's political action activities. Educates and encourages member participation in NAFCU/PAC. Educates and encourages member participation in grassroots and political activities.
  • Awards Committee Charge
    To administer the Annual Awards Program and the Marketing Awards within the guidelines established by the NAFCU Board of Directors. Recognizes and inspires the professional and operational excellence among member credit unions, their employees and volunteer officials.
  • Webcast today on BSA director requirements
    Credit union directors can gain an understanding of their responsibilities under the Bank Secrecy Act and Office of Foreign Assets Control in a NAFCU webcast held today.
  • Nominating Committee Charge
    Submit a slate of nominees for Director-At-Large of not less than one person and not more than two persons per vacancy. Ensure that a person may not be elected (selected to appear on the at-large slate) as a director unless such person is a current Board member or the Chief Executive Officer of a federal credit union which is a member of this Corporation. Additionally, the committee will strive to select a total of two candidates for each seat, if possible and appropriate.
  • Share Insurance, Liquidity and Development Fund Oversight Committee Charge
    To maintain oversight of the management and operations of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), Central Liquidity Facility (CLF), and Community Development Revolving Loan Fund (CDCU Fund). Develop and recommend to the NAFCU Board appropriate plans for preserving and maintaining an independent credit union share insurance system, for preserving an independent source of liquidity assistance by the CLF to credit unions, and for maintaining a fund to provide low-cost assistance to community development credit unions.
  • Regulatory Committee Charge
    To monitor and review all proposed regulations affecting federal credit unions. Evaluate comments on these proposals and develop appropriate responses for consideration of approval by the NAFCU Board. Seek comments from member credit unions as appropriate on proposed regulations. Encourage members to respond to all requests for comments on proposals.
  • Regional Advisory Committee Charge
    To serve as an active, information resource for the identification of regional trends and issues affecting financial institutions, specifically credit unions. To identify informal or ad hoc programs and services for NAFCU to undertake in local or regional areas in response to current credit union needs. The five Regional Advisory Committees correspond to the five NCUA regions.
  • Membership Committee Charge
    To formulate appropriate and productive membership programs with the objective of maintaining and expanding the membership base and reducing attrition. The committee will develop plans to accomplish its objective and report to the NAFCU Board. These plans should be targeted to specific member involvement but focused on the possible inclusion of the total membership, where appropriate.
  • Legislative Committee Charge
    To monitor the ongoing legislative process in order to identify credit union related legislation. Researches and develops a viable position on each issue. Recommends appropriate policy to the NAFCU Board on all issues, which affect the interest of federal credit unions.
  • Tower Federal Credit Union's Breland Named to NAFCU Board
    NAFCU announced it has named Martin Breland, president and CEO of Tower Federal Credit Union, as Region II director on the NAFCU board of directors.
  • Parsons Elected NAFCU Chair
    Michael J. Parsons, president and CEO of First Source Federal Credit Union, headquartered in New Hartford, N.Y., has been elected chair of the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU). His one-year term begins at the conclusion of NAFCU’s annual business meeting in Nashville on July 24.
  • Dawson, Schwartz and Parsons Win NAFCU Board Seats
    Cutler Dawson, president and CEO of Navy Federal Credit Union, Mike Parsons, president and CEO of First Source Federal Credit Union, and Debra Schwartz, president and CEO of Mission Federal Credit Union, won 2012-15 terms on the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) Board of Directors in voting that closed Tuesday. Their new terms begin after the close of the NAFCU Annual Business Meeting this July in Nashville, Tenn.
  • NFL Legend Rocky Bleier Will Headline NAFCU's Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference
    Legendary NFL running back Rocky Bleier will offer credit union volunteers his unique perspective on how facing challenges head-on leads to extraordinary achievements at the National Association of Federal Credit Union’s (NAFCU) 31st Annual Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference.
  • TFCU highlights effective mortgage strategies
    NAFCU members should be on the lookout for the March/April issue of The Federal Credit Union magazine, which features strategies to boost mortgage lending, tips on how to leverage new member relationships and a look at challenges and opportunities facing defense credit unions.
  • Retirement Plan Fee Transparency...Are You Prepared? (Article)
    Fees and expenses are a part of every retirement plan. The new Department of Labor fee disclosure rules are designed to help you and your participants understand what you are paying for the services that you receive and the investments that you choose in your retirement plan. What you probably didn't realize is that as a plan fiduciary, you have legal obligation to review your plan fees. Learn more about how to understand and evaluate your plan fees and expenses in this helpful guide from Pentegra Retirement Services.
  • NAFCU's Feb. 22 Webcast Will Give Credit Unions Strategies For Succession Planning
    NAFCU will help credit unions craft a blueprint for a healthy future in its Feb. 22 webcast. The program, “Succession Planning: Critical Success Factors and Strategies,” will broadcast live from the NAFCU headquarters in Arlington, Va. from 2:00-3:30 p.m. EST.

  • Mission FCU's Debra Schwartz Named to NAFCU Board
    Debra Schwartz, president and CEO of Mission Federal Credit Union, has been named an at-large director to the National Association of Federal Credit Union’s (NAFCU) board of directors.
  • NAFCU Launches New Blog For Credit Union Executives and Managers
    The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) kicked off the new year with a new, innovative blog, Musings from the CU Suite, at
  • The Supervisory Committee: Focusing on Fraud Detection (Article)
    Credit unions have a “watchdog” looking out for their interests, overseeing operations and ensuring their records are maintained with honesty and integrity: the supervisory committee. The committee has a host of tools at its disposal to carry out its purpose, including an annual audit of the credit union. Information gleaned from this audit assists the committee in evaluating credit union operations and in making recommendations to the board. The supervisory committee may also perform surprise cash counts, review non-financial transactions or reconcile credit union accounts with an eye toward compliance with laws and regulations. All these activities place the committee in a prime position to catch suspicious transactions or behaviors that may indicate fraud.
  • NAFCU Board to Meet With CFPB and Federal Reserve
    NAFCU board of directors is scheduled to meet this week with officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Reserve to discuss credit union issues. 

  • NAFCU Board to the Fed Dec. 1
    The NAFCU Board is headed to the Federal Reserve this Thursday to discuss credit union issues and present the findings regarding credit unions’ condition, services and more from its 2011 Report on Credit Unions.
  • NAFCU Invites Credit Unions to Celebrate the International Year of the Cooperatives
    NAFCU is inviting credit unions to commemorate the International Year of Cooperatives 2012 (IYC), which kicks off Oct. 31 at the U.N. headquarters in New York.

  • Internal Fraud and the Role of the Supervisory Committee (Whitepaper)
    What role does the Supervisory Committee play in finding internal fraud within a credit union? Being aware of their key responsibility is critical to the success of the committee’s role and also keeping the CU safe from losses caused by internal theft. This article briefly touches on fraud detection techniques and the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee in uncovering internal fraud.
  • CEO and Board Liability for 401(k) and Retirement Plan Fiduciary Obligations (Podcast)
    This podcast focuses on CEO and Board Liability for 401(k) and Retirement Plans. Nearly every credit union has these plans in some form, and for every one someone – usually the CEO – serves as what is called the plan fiduciary. That role carries with it significant responsibilities and, as you will find out, significant personal (not corporate) liability as well.
  • Benchmarking: Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Talent (Webcast)
    DeeDee Myers WebcastDeveloping talent is one of the most important roles you have as a leader and manager of your credit union. You are accountable for attracting, retaining and transitioning employees within the credit union in order to help foster a successful and satisfied workforce. In this webcast we discuss how to draw out what another needs and desires and how to lead so that they experience meaningful success.