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  • Conferences
    NAFCU credit union conferences are some of the most highly-rated and respected education opportunities in the credit union community. Upcoming 2014 conferences and the 2015 conference lineup are listed below.
  • Curriculum
    Course details and for the 2014 NAFCU Management and Leadership Institute. Topics include executive communication, compliance risk, credit union marketing, credit union financial management, the roles of the board and management and much more.
  • The Institute Experience
    NAFCU’s Management and Leadership Institute is much more than five days of credit union leadership education. It’s an experience – where participants become well acquainted with their peers and faculty, and build lifelong connections.
  • Institute Overview
    The 2014 NAFCU Management and Leadership Institute, October 6-10 in Philadelphia, PA, has long been a top choice for credit union management seeking a professional development curriculum to move their career forward.
  • Infrastructure and Operations

    A growing credit union may find membership outpacing operational efficiency and infrastructure investment. The following Preferred Partners help credit unions flourish by increasing productivity, performance and efficiency.

  • Faculty
    Expert faculty for the 2014 NAFCU Management and Leadership Institute includes NAFCU Executive Vice President and COO Anthony Demangone, communications expert and author Stacey Hanke, leadership guru and world-renowned author John Spence and many more credit union leadership gurus.
  • The Leader of the Future Workshop
    In this full-day workshop, students of NAFCU's 2014 Management and Leadership Institute learn the building blocks of an outstanding credit union leader and how to lead a high-performing team. Plus, you’ll learn how to develop a winning culture at your credit union that attracts and retains top talent.
  • Program At-A-Glance
    Agenda the 2014 NAFCU Management and Leadership Institute program.
  • Conference Overview
    The 2014 NAFCU Congressional Caucus, September 9-12 in Washington, D.C., is your opportunity to meet face-to-face with members of Congress and make sure the credit union voice is being heard. Take an active role in the political process and raise awareness for the important credit union issues we face to help move our industry forward.
  • Your Credit Union's Website: Keys to a Successful Compliance Review
    Receive a checklist of items to audit during a credit union website compliance review; get tips for your savings and loan rates pages; learn how to utilize the “One-Click Rule” for providing disclosures; understand the key disclosures that must be included on credit union websites; and more.
  • Credit Union Capital Management Tools
    Download NAFCU’s credit union capital management calculators to measure and track key data points for managing your credit union finances.
  • Measure Your CU Financial Performance
    Use our new quarterly member-only CU Performance Benchmark report to monitor emerging trends and key financial benchmarks. This one-of-a-kind report gives you a customized financial performance analysis using your credit union’s data, compared to regional and asset class peers.
  • Economic & Credit Union Industry Trends
    Keep your finger on the pulse of the credit union industry with NAFCU’s data-driven reports and studies related to critical factors that affect your credit union growth and performance, including economic trends and industry data.
  • Partners A-Z
    An alphabetical listing of all preferred partners and their recommended solutions.
  • Year-End IRA Program Checklist for Credit Unions (Document)
    December is the perfect time of year to review year-end best practices at your credit union, including those for your IRA program. Use this checklist to prepare for the busy tax reporting season.
  • CU Data & Research
    NAFCU is your source for up-to-date credit union data and research related to credit union industry trends, performance monitoring and critical reports addressing credit unions and the economy.
  • Annual Report
    You can view NAFCU's most recent Annual Financial Reports here.
  • Managing Third-Party Fair Lending Risk: Don't Let Your Vendors Let You Down
    Your vendors can expose you to potential Fair Lending violations. Whether they’re indirect lenders, marketing campaign planners or other vendors, they can unknowingly break the rules. And it’s your credit union that will bear the consequences. We’ll help make sure you can identify, prevent and police vendor violations to keep your credit union safe.
  • Getting Complaints: What to Do Next to Safeguard and Improve Your Credit Union
    This important webcast helps ensure your credit union's complaint management process successfully satisfies your members and regulators. Walk away with a solid understanding of what a complaint management process is, how it can satisfy NCUA regulations, proper steps to take after receiving a complaint, and insight on how to use complaints as a feedback loop to improve your credit union.
  • End of Year Regulatory Compliance Update
    In the first part of this webcast, hear how the CFPB operates and the work that has already been completed as well as what the future holds for the CFPB. Next, examine the latest and greatest at the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) – focusing on current updates that directly relate to your credit union’s compliance department.
  • Insuritas Launches ‘LoanINSURE®’ – Insurance Quotes Tied to Loan Origination Systems

    April 30, 2012 – Insuritas unveiled its new ‘LoanINSURE’® technology platform today. LoanINSURE® is the nation’s first technology platform that allows a borrower to complete an auto or loan application and get multiple quotes from multiple carriers instantly. Working with their technology partner, QuotePro, this platform delivers automatic insurance quotes as part of the lending process.

  • Creating and Understanding a Dashboard of Key Ratios for Directors
    This webcast provides credit union board of directors with an understanding of the ten key ratios they should be monitoring at their credit union.
  • Year-End IRA Program Best Practices (Podcast)
    December is the perfect time of year to review year-end best practices at your credit union, including those for your IRA program. In this podcast, we speak with an expert on IRAs who answers commonly asked questions posed by IRA professionals at this busy time of year.
  • NAFCU Services Corporation Preferred Partner Brochure
    NAFCU members take advantage of superior solutions offered by Preferred Partners through NAFCU Services Corporation. Download the brochure for a list of all Preferred Partners and their special benefits for NAFCU members.
  • Early Enrollment Savings Deadline Approaches For NAFCU's Management Development Institute
    Time is running out for credit union managers to earn great savings to NAFCU’s 2012 Management Development Institute (MDI). The early bird enrollment deadline is Sept. 14.
  • NAFCU Promotes Briotta to Director of Public Relations

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 23, 2012 WASHINGTON – The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) announced today that Patty Briotta has been promoted to director of public relations, effective immediately. Briotta previously served as NAFCU’s public relations manager, where she

  • 2013 CEO Registration Image
    CEO13 location photo for registration page.
  • NAFCU Services Free Calculators Top 1 Million Computations in 2012

    Washington, DC - NAFCU Services Corporation today announced that’s award-winning financial calculators have already exceeded more than 1 million calculations by online users for the first six months of 2012. This is a nearly 30 percent increase over last year. At the current rate, calculations on the platform will exceed 2 million by year-end.

  • Re-thinking Loan Serving (Whitepaper)
    The mortgage lending landscape has changed drastically over the past several years from virtually every perspective. The implications of these changes, but especially those related to loan servicing, are or should be of interest to credit unions. Servicing in all its forms has been largely ignored over the history of credit union mortgage lending, yet last decade's cataclysm brings into sharp focus the full benefit of well-managed servicing operations...
  • How to Measure Your Credit Union Human Resources (Webinar)
    In order to ensure that you are effectively managing and deploying your staff, you need to identify meaningful measures and a clear framework for evaluating success. In this recorded webinar, learn how to successfully evaluate your credit union staff. You will also learn to understand formulas and benchmarks to help evaluate your people management, and gain knowledge of other credit unions' metrics and best practices in the industry.
  • Genworth Announces Two Leadership Changes in Mortgage Insurance Businesses
    RICHMOND, Va., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Genworth Financial, Inc. (NYSE:GNW) announces that it has named U.S. Mortgage Insurance President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kevin Schneider as president and CEO of its recently formed Global Mortgage Insurance division, effective immediately. In this capacity, Schneider also has been named an executive vice president of the company.
  • Bringing the Branch Experience to the ATM (Webinar)

    Watch the BAI Banking Strategies webinar presented by NCR on NCR’s Interactive Teller Solution! Learn how you can meet and exceed customer expectations while lowering costs, optimizing staff deployment, and growing revenue.

  • The Future of Retail Branch Banking: Waltons or Jetsons? (Blog Post)

    Branch Transformation is now a ubiquitous term, synonymous with retail banking organizations searching for the golden solution to leave the past 5 years of banking turmoil behind and enter the next decade with a fresh, dynamic and customer-centric branch banking proposition. Read more of this NAFCU Services blog post.

  • Internal Control Certification – It’s Not Just an Accounting Thing (Podcast and Presentation)
    In this recorded 2012 NAFCU Technology & Security Conference session, you will learn about the internal control certification process and how it impacts more than just the accounting department, including the importance of becoming internal control certified, insight on the impact of recent regulation change from SAS70 to SSAE 16, a walkthrough of the process and audit reports (Type I & Type II) and much more!
  • Longstanding Partnership Leads Financial Resources Federal Credit Union to Select ComplianceOne®

    When Marc Sovelove joined Financial Resources Federal Credit Union (Financial Resources FCU) in 2010, his first task was to upgrade their manual, paper-based processes to an automated commercial loan origination system. In this case study, read about how Wolters Kluwer helped remedy this situation with their product, ComplianceOne.

  • Honda Federal Credit Union Partners with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services to Transform its Master Disclosure (Case Study)
    Honda FCU’s wanted to transform their Master Disclosure into a user-friendly document that benefits both staff and credit union members. They also envisioned using the Master Disclosure as a training tool for new employees. In this case study from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services we learn how Honda FCU achieved its goals.
  • Honda FCU Updates Master Disclosure Document with Help from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

    MINNEAPOLIS – (February 14, 2012) –  Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced today that Honda Federal Credit Union (Honda FCU) has selected the company to help update its master disclosure document quickly and in compliance with state and federal requirements.

  • Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Expands Default Servicing Offering to Include Pre-Foreclosure Service
    MINNEAPOLIS – Feb. 28, 2012 – Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced today that the company has expanded its suite of default servicing solutions to include an outsourced pre-foreclosure service. Designed to help mortgage servicers efficiently manage their pre-foreclosure processes, the service helps them to build a complete case file before they foreclose on a property. As a result, servicers are able to efficiently generate documents necessary to manage the pre-foreclosure process
  • SLO Credit Union Transitions from Multiple Vendors to ComplianceOne™ (Case Study)
    ComplianceOne is a single, integrated documentation solution that makes managing compliance with loan and deposit account transactions effortless. The solution connects the major areas of a financial institution’s business to its core processor through one, easy-to-manage interface. In this case study, learn how Wolters Kluwer helped SLO credit union transition from multiple vendors to ComplianceOne.
  • Annual Awards Competition: Sample Winning Narratives

    NAFCU's Annual Award Winners Sample Narratives

  • Prospective Changes in Mortgage Servicing Compensation (Podcast)
    In this podcast, we speak with mortgage servicing expert David Allison, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Dovenmuehle, about the current structure of mortgage servicing compensation, what changes may be on the horizon, and how they could negatively impact your credit union.
  • Privacy Changes and What Credit Unions Should Know (Podcast)
    A new model privacy form will be required for all credit unions by January 1, 2011. In this podcast, we speak with an expert from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services about what the privacy changes are and what credit unions need to know.
  • Payment Assurance: The Win-Win Solution for Credit Unions (Podcast)
    Credit union members are facing more economic uncertainty now than they have in many years, which has an effect on everything from their willingness to buy new homes and cars to their payment habits. In this podcast you will hear about a proverbial win-win solution, in which we can reduce members' anxiety with payment assurance protection, while also generating fee income for the credit union.
  • Optimizing ATM Transactions with Intelligent Deposit (Webinar)
    Learn how new ATM technology improves member satisfaction and boosts branch revenue! Watch this recently recorded webinar as we explore state-of-the-art Intelligent Deposit ATM technology and how it benefits credit unions. You will learn how Intelligent Deposit addresses key business including, cost reduction through operational efficiency, revenue generation, member convenience, various methods financial institutions use to implement Intelligent Deposit, a thorough examination of SDM, and more!
  • New Adverse Action Notices and Risk-Based Pricing Notice Requirements for Credit Unions (Podcast)
    At the start of July 2011 the Federal Reserve finalized rules on model adverse action notices and risk-based pricing notices to implement Section 1100F of Dodd-Frank. In this podcast we speak with an expert about the specific requirements for your credit union to comply with these updates within the tight deadline given.
  • Mortgage Loan Servicing – Current Issues and Options for Credit Unions (Podcast)
    There has been a flood of legislative and regulatory reform heavily affecting the Mortgage Loan Servicing industry, and it’s probably not over yet. In this podcast we speak with David Allison, the Senior Vice President responsible for business development at Dovenmuehle on the mortgage servicing changes, challenges and opportunities that exist for credit unions today.
  • Meeting Member Needs With Income-Generating Solutions (Podcast)
    With the financial difficulties being faced by many of our members, income-generating activity is down across the board at many credit unions. In this podcast we discuss specific solutions from Securian Financial Group that are particularly beneficial in these trying times for both credit unions and their members, in particular solutions that protect members from the consequences of adverse economic situations, like unemployment.
  • Internal Fraud and the Role of the Supervisory Committee (Whitepaper)
    What role does the Supervisory Committee play in finding internal fraud within a credit union? Being aware of their key responsibility is critical to the success of the committee’s role and also keeping the CU safe from losses caused by internal theft. This article briefly touches on fraud detection techniques and the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee in uncovering internal fraud.
  • Fee Income Through Wealth Management (Webinar)
    Give your members the wealth management help they need AND generate fee income! Not only do your members need financial planning and wealth management now more than ever, but your credit union needs the fee income that these services generate. Watch this recorded webinar as we address the changing wealth management needs of different psychographic groups and how a successful holistic wealth management approach creates greater member lifetime value.
  • FACT Act Risk-Based Pricing Changes and What Credit Unions Need to Do Before January 1st, 2011 (Podcast)
    Based on an existing creditor’s right to review consumer reports, interest rates may be adjusted upward if a consumer falls short in any account. In this podcast, we speak with an expert from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services about how the FACT Act changes risk-based pricing and what credit unions need to do before the January 1, 2010.