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  • Growth and Retention

    Income, member growth and member retention are critical to credit union success in this increasingly competitive environment. Credit unions enhance growth with new product and service offerings that both serve member needs and create new revenue streams. The following Preferred Partners offer income-generating solutions that credit unions can offer to members, or that will help in sales and marketing efforts.

  • NAFCU Membership
    Our members’ needs are our number one priority. The resources and services we provide are designed to give them direct assistance in their daily operations, keep them connected to the latest industry information and help them better serve their members. Member benefits like unlimited compliance assistance, website financial calculators, research reports and more give our members a distinct advantage in the industry.
  • CCA: MLRs Provide Valuable Lessons for CU managers and boards
  • CCA: Avoiding Section 8 Violations
  • CCA: 20 Things I'm Thinking About
  • CCA Public Accommodation: Ensuring Access for All Members
  • Credit Union Compliance
    NAFCU provides credit union regulatory compliance services to its members through a multi-faceted program, including direct access to NAFCU's compliance team, complimentary subscriptions to the Compliance Monitor, BSA Blast and NAFCU Compliance Blog, providing your credit union with the latest compliance information and answers to FAQs, free access to the Compliance Book of Answers and Compliance Calendar, as well as discounted member pricing on credit union compliance training and certification program.
  • Event Features

    Event Item to be featured Event item short description /uploadedImages/NAFCU_Services_Corporation/Featured_Stories/NSCFeature3.jpg 10 10 10 /WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=822&libID=843 _self

  • Education & Conferences

    You are Welcome! Unlike other credit union industry events, NAFCU’s events and education are open to NAFCU members and nonmembers so you’ll connect and problem-solve with a wide range of credit union leaders and professionals.

    Affordability. Pricing for the education you need the most is available at the same low price as it was in 2008!

    More Content. Content-filled agendas on the latest topics, delivered by industry-leading speakers, give you the edge you need to thrive in today’s financial services marketplace.

    Convenient Locations. NAFCU's Conferences are conveniently located across the country to make it easier for you to attend and we are now offering even more educational content online, so you can learn from anywhere at anytime!

    Easy Online Registration. Registering for NAFCU’s events and reserving your hotel room are simple through our secure, online registration system. You can even choose to be billed – so there’s no upfront cost!

  • Legislation / Regulation

    NAFCU’s government affairs team provides essential credit union advocacy and sets the standard for strength and stability with our industry-renowned responsiveness. Our 12 experienced and proactive lobbyists work on Capitol Hill, with the NCUA Board and other federal agencies as well as the general public to ensure the legislation that passes is in the best interest of credit unions and our members. NAFCU has been a strong advocate for its members on issues such as regulatory reform, deposit insurance, changes to the bankruptcy code and new consumer protection legislation.

  • NAFCU Contact Information

    © Copyright 2014   National Association of Federal Credit Unions | 3138 10 th Street North, Arlington, VA 22201-2149   | Contact Us  

  • Infrastructure and Operations

    A growing credit union may find membership outpacing operational efficiency and infrastructure investment. The following Preferred Partners help credit unions flourish by increasing productivity, performance and efficiency.

  • Security

    Nurture member relationships with confidence. The following Preferred Partners offer unique solutions to safeguard credit unions against the many security issues they face today.

  • Training and Compliance

    The complexity of regulatory compliance takes a credit union away from what it does best.

    The following Preferred Partners offer training and compliance solutions that make credit unions more efficient and allow them to get back to the business of helping members.

  • Financial and Insurance

    Today, a credit union's goals include supporting the financial independence of its members and securing its own financial foundation. The following Preferred Partners offer solutions to protect credit unions and members from financial risk and improve the bottom line.

  • Interchange Survey

    Interchange Survey When you open the survey, you will be prompted to open or save the file.  Please click on the Save button and save the file as the name of your credit union followed by the words interchange survey.  For

  • Corporate Stabilization Plan

    Corporate Stabilization Plan      

  • NCUA Outreach Task Force Town Hall Meeting: Background Materials

    NCUA Outreach Task Force Town Hall Meeting: Background Materials NAFCU Issue Backgrounder NAFCU Issue Brief

  • News


    The NAFCU UPDATE newsletter is a four-page newsletter published 50 times a year to keep association members informed on the latest legislative, regulatory, economic and educational developments affecting credit unions and their operations. The newsletter is available via this website; each issue is announced to NAFCU

  • DVD
  • NAFCU Regulatory Reform Resources Page

    NAFCU's Regulatory Reform Resources Page   The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act   Regulatory Reform Summary & Analysis    Table of Regulations  

  • GPS Manual Cover
  • Interchange: DRAFT Federal Reserve Issuer Survey

    Interchange: DRAFT Federal Reserve Issuer Survey Draft Issuer Cover Letter Draft Issuer Survey: Instructions Draft Issuer Survey Response Form

  • more lawmakers write on bankruptcy

    Dial the Capitol switchboard: (202) 225-3121 Use our Contact Congress tool More lawmakers write on bankruptcy Sept. 20, 2002 -Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y., and Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, added another "dear colleague" letter in support of bankruptcy reform to the mounting piles of such cor

  • more compliance time seen under id verification rule

    More compliance time seen for ID verification rule Oct. 24, 2002 -Sources said the Treasury Department's final rule on identification verification under last year's anti-terror law will give institutions six months to complete their compliance plans and another three months to comply before enforcement

  • moldovan officials meet with top nafcu staff

    Moldova looks at U.S. credit unions for guidance Representatives from the Republic of Moldova's fledgling credit union movement were in the U.S. last week to meet with credit union groups and government agencies to discuss how the former Soviet state can improve the young nation's credit unions. While cred

  • mergers, students needs noted in lafalce bill

    Mergers, students' needs noted in LaFalce bill Oct. 16. 2002 -Some of the measures in the "Federal Credit Union Services Expansion Act of 2002" introduced last week by Rep. John LaFalce, D-N.Y., can be found in Title III of H.R. 3951, the regulatory relief bill awaiting action on the House floor. But th

  • members give cus high marks on privacy

    Members give CUs high marks on privacy July 30, 2002 -Credit union members have few complaints about their credit unions' privacy policies according to the July edition of NAFCU's Flash Report, released today. The monthly survey of 130 credit unions this month asked CUs to reveal what complaints their membe

  • member call-in slated for nov 14

    Member call-in slated for Nov. 14 Nov. 4, 2002 -The mid-term elections, the congressional lame-duck session and key regulatory issues are some of the topics on tap for NAFCU's member call-in scheduled for next week. Senior NAFCU staff will be on hand to update participants on timely credit union topics

  • member call-in just days away

    Member call-in just days away Nov. 8, 2002 -NAFCU members, don't forget our Member Call-in scheduled next Thursday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Eastern time. This hour-long event, "Year-end Review," will be the one time next week where you will hear straight from NAFCU's top staff just how credit unions have fa

  • meeting of bankruptcy conferees uncertain

    Meeting of bankruptcy conferees uncertain June 11, 2002 -It turns out bankruptcy-bill conferees may not be meeting in formal session this week although committee staffers are still expected to continue discussions on how to resolve the heath-clinic violence provision of the proposed reform law. The only issue

  • matz, johnson point to federal charter issue

    > NAFCU: National Association of Federal Credit Unions | Matz, Johnson point to federal charter issue Matz, Johnson point to federal charter issue July 22, 2002 -The ongoing "disappearance" of small credit unions and the impact of conversions from federal to state charter are

  • matz urges sba chief on cu participation

    Matz urges SBA chief on CU participation June 7, 2002 - NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz this week urged Small Business Administration chief Hector Barreto to let his agency return to previous, more liberal policy on credit unions' participation in SBA programs. Matz met with Barreto at NCUA headquarters. In th

  • matz urges cus to serve their entire communities

    Matz urges CUs to serve their entire communities Oct. 23, 2002 -NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz this week urged a gathering of community credit unions in Santa Fe to ensure they are working to serve all segments of their membership fields. "When a credit union gets a community charter, it is entering in

  • matz sees cus serving the underserved

    Matz sees CUs serving the underserved June 5, 2002 -NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz has concluded her two-month fact-finding tour of the credit union community, and one of the facts that has emerged during this effort is that credit unions "large and small" are undertaking impressive efforts to serve the underse

  • matz presses financial literacy education

    Matz presses financial literacy education Oct. 21, 2002 -NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz last week urged credit unions on in their efforts to provide financial literacy education for everyone within their fields of membership. Speaking at a "Financial Literacy Day" celebration sponsored by the National

  • matz points cus to neighborworks

    Matz points CUs to NeighborWorks Nov. 18, 2002 -NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz last week encouraged credit unions to think hard about partnering with the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp. to help facilitate homeownership in low- and moderate-income areas. Speaking during an Access Across America Workshop

  • matz offers insight into final corporate rule

    Matz offers insight into final corporate rule Oct. 15, 2002 -NCUA is revising language in the proposed Part 704 that governs when corporate CUs may pay dividends, to reflect concerns expressed during the comment period, says NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz. Speaking at a meeting of the Association o

  • matz calls cus to small business lending

    Matz calls CUs to small business lending Nov. 6, 2002 -NCUA Board Member Deborah Matz on Tuesday sought to spread the word about the virtues of small-business lending in a gathering of credit union representatives in Sioux Falls, S.D. Matz told the group that credit union members need the kinds of loan

  • marin lauds ncua, cu efforts with underserved

    Marin lauds NCUA, CU efforts with underserved Sept. 5, 2002 -U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin this week lauded NCUA and credit unions for their efforts to bring more financial services to underserved communities. Marin, speaking at an "Access Across America" workshop held in El Paso, Texas, on needs of the Colo

  • m.oxley
  • looking to refinance dont forget cus

    Looking to refinance? Don't forget CUs Aug. 21, 2002 -Consumers taking the opportunity to restructure debt shouldn't overlook credit unions in the process, according to a recent Reuters item, "Shop for Loans While Rates are Low." The story, which ran Aug. 18, tells consumers that, with loan rates at 30-yea

  • loans for sale by ncua center

    Loans for sale by NCUA center Oct. 15, 2002 -NCUA's Asset Management and Assistance Center is conducting a sale of non-performing consumer, charge-off and deficient balance loans. Credit unions wishing to participate may contact NCUA for a bidder package. Credit unions interested in purchasing loan

  • leahy proposal, accounting bill on equal footing

    Leahy proposal, accounting bill on 'equal footing' July 10, 2002 -The Senate was poised to resume debate late Tuesday on amendments to S.2673, an accounting reform bill that seeks to create a framework for ensuring financial accountability among publicly traded companies. First up for the evening's debate w

  • lawmakers see a downside to hud proposal

    Lawmakers see a downside to HUD proposal Oct. 7, 2002 -While House Financial Services Chairman Michael Oxley, R-Ohio, has praised a housing agency's proposal for greater disclosure in the mortgage process, other lawmakers think more work needs to be done on behalf of consumers. The House panel held a

  • lawmakers press for easing in sba loan guarantees

    Lawmakers press for easing in SBA loan guarantees Oct. 3, 2002 -Key senators may seek to lower the Small Business Administration's subsidy rate-which affects reserving-to enable the agency to back more loans. The SBA on Tuesday cut the limit on most loans to $500,000 so a greater number of loans can be prov

  • lawmakers offer corporate bankruptcy reform

    Lawmakers offer corporate bankruptcy reform Aug. 7, 2002 -Two members of the House and Senate have offered their own bankruptcy reform package of sorts, but in this case the proposal-following on the heels of the recent Enron and WorldCom debacles-targets corporate bankruptcies rather than consumer filings.

  • lawmakers eye strategy on bankruptcy bill

    Lawmakers eye strategy on bankruptcy bill Sept. 5, 2002 -House leaders could send the bankruptcy reform bill to the floor as is in order to gain swift passage, even if it may mean diminished Republican support. Hill sources still say the bill, H.R. 333, stands a good chance of passing even if it retains the

  • lawmaker sees h r 333 delayed for elections

    Lawmaker sees H.R. 333 delayed for elections                              Tkatch photo Sept. 24, 2002 -Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., told credit unions Monday that they may have to wait until after the congressional elections to see further action on bankruptcy reform legislation. Frank, wh