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2014 Technology and Security Conference Home

John Sileo speakingPersonal Cybersecurity? What You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know

Presented by John Sileo, CEO, Sileo Group John Sileo on TwitterJohn Sileo on FacebookJohn Sileo on LinkedInBlog

Back this year by popular demand!

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At the heart of most data theft is lax cybersecurity – an overly broad term that will no longer intimidate you after this deep-dive workshop. Technology has evolved so quickly that many people find themselves behind the digital curve and overwhelmed by the prospect of protecting the very data that underlies their wealth. In this state, decision makers tend to shut down, make excuses and assume that there is no reasonable, inexpensive way to protect themselves. That assumption is not only wrong, it is dangerous.

This workshop is designed to give you practical tools to get you over the all-or-nothing hump when it comes to personal cybersecurity. John will also give tips and tricks on how to communicate these practices to your members. You don't have to do everything, just the right things. Learn the right steps you must take first to protect yourself and your members in seven critical areas.

7 critical areas of cybersecurity:

  1. The human element.
    All security begins with the decisions we make. The best technology in the world is useless if it is used incorrectly.
  2. Inside of your network.
    Protection begins with the computing fabric, the routers, hardware and firewalls, that support your network.
  3. On your computer.
    This is where attention to detail makes the difference – at the point where business transactions take place across many devices.
  4. As you go mobile.
    Before the decade is out, every type of data will be accessed from mobile devices. Prepare or beware.
  5. When connecting wirelessly.
    An outgrowth of the mobile movement, secure connectivity over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other technologies is imperative to the privacy of your mission critical communications.
  6. While transacting online.
    How you surf and what tools you utilize to navigate ecommerce safely make all the difference in the world.
  7. In the cloud.
    With great power comes risk and responsibility. As you migrate to web-based software to power your business, informed decisions count.  

About John Sileo

CEO, Sileo Group; author and executive advisor on privacy and reputation John Sileo on TwitterJohn Sileo on FacebookJohn Sileo on LinkedInBlog

John Sileo is the CEO of The Sileo Group, a privacy think tank that trains organizations on defending the data that powers their profits. Sileo's clients include the Pentagon, Visa, Northrop Grumman, Pfizer and Homeland Security as well as engagements with 60 Minutes, Fox Business and Andersen Cooper.

John Sileo's identity was illegally used to embezzle $300,000 from his clients. It destroyed Sileo's company and consumed two years of his life as he fought to stay out of jail. His experiences as victim and victor led him to write the critically-acclaimed, award-winning book, Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple, which was recently chosen as the #1 business book at the EVVY Awards, and his newly-released, Privacy Means Profit.

Emerging from this crisis, Sileo became America's leading professional speaker on identity theft prevention and corporate data privacy, teaching audiences to bulletproof their bottom line against data breach. After all, sensitive data – whether personal or professional – is the most valuable asset inside of our organizations.

*2014 Technology and Security Conference attendees may download handouts for sessions and workships at the linksprovided. Handouts are password protected for attendees only. If you are an attendee of the conference and misplaced your password, please contact NAFCU's Member Services Center at