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2015 Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator
2015 Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator

The new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data collection rules have been finalized, and U.S. lenders face yet another significant challenge. Wolters Kluwer's annual “Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator” survey of banks highlights some of lender’s greatest concerns regarding the new HMDA rules. 


Partner Contact: Matt Haupert

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

All NAFCU members receive 1st year license fee discounts of 10% on consumer and member business lending and deposit electronic solutions and 5% on consumer and member business paper lending and deposit documents.

Why do so many credit unions place their trust in Wolters Kluwer Financial Services?

 Your credit union can save time and money with a trusted provider that understands your compliance, management, and business needs. These are just some of the benefits you gain when you work with us for your compliance and workflow needs:

  • The experience that’s been accumulated from working with thousands of regulatory changes each year
  • Solutions and web sites that are recommended by industry associations and consultants
  • A keen focus on compliance—so you can spend more time on other important aspects of your business
  • A strong, stable environment from which we can establish long-lasting business relations
  • Regulatory monitoring of federal and related state laws
  • An industry-leading product warran
  • Some of the best technical service and support in the industry
  • Professional training—we train over 12,000 financial professionals annually across the U.S.
  • Alerts whenever mandatory changes affect your Wolters Kluwer Financial Services products
  • End-to-end support for consumer and member business deposit and lending transactions


ComplianceOne helps credit unions comply with the unique documentation requirements tied to consumer and business-related lending and deposit transactions. The solution provides access to a wide range of lending and deposit-related functionalities, allowing credit unions to choose and activate the ones they need, when they need them. Some of the more in-demand functionalities include dynamic documents, imaging, e-signatures, bar-coding and credit bureau access. Offering credit unions enterprise-wide access to member information, ComplianceOne also allows credit union staff to open new loans and accounts and complete transactions quickly through the solution's common database structure. For more information on ComplianceOne, click here.

ARTA® Lending Documentation System – Simple, easy-to-use software that can help you get started in consumer and business lending, as well as support your agricultural and residential real estate loans using one documentation platform.

TSoftPlus™ Small Business Administration (SBA) lending solution – Originate SBA loans more rapidly and efficiently while meeting all SBA program guidelines and regulatory requirements. Learn more at www.wolterskluwerFS.com/TSoftPlus.

Paper documents
Consumer Deposit and Lending Paper Documents to include:

  • Account agreements
  • Applications and authorizations
  • Account maintenance documents/notices
  • Electronic Program Brochures
  • Account Disclosures (AIBs, ASKs, Privacy, TIS, Funds Availability, ETM, Affiliate Marketing, C21)
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Safe Deposit Products
  • Customer Education Brochures
  • Consumer Loan Agreements/Applications/Notices
  • Customer Notification/Education/awareness
  • Disclosures and Ancillary Documents

Commercial Deposit and Lending Paper Documents to include:

  • Commercial/agricultural lending applications
  • Notes and security agreements
  • Business account agreements
  • Business deposit disclosures
  • Business debit card brochures
  • Wire/Funds transfer forms
  • Night depository agreements
  • Lockbox agreements
  • Resolution of authority forms

Click here to view lending sample documents and click here to view deposit sample documents.

If interested in learning more about any of these products and services, contact Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

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Educational Resources

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