2015 Regulatory Alerts

NAFCU Regulatory Alerts are member-only resources containing important highlights and summaries for proposed rulemakings that affect credit unions. Each alert also provides a link to send NAFCU comments that we will include in our letter to the agency or agencies that issued the proposed rule.

15-EA-22: FHFA - Duty to Serve Underserved Markets

15-EA-21: NCUA - EGRPRA Part 4

15-EA-20: NCUA - Field of Membership

15-EA-19: CFPB - Outline on Arbitration

15-EA-18: NCUA - Proposed Rule on Bank Notes

15-EA-17: DOL - Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay

15-EA-16: NCUA - Member Business Loans & Commercial Lending Proposal

15-EA-15: NCUA - EGRPRA Part 3

15-EA-14: DOE - Student Accounts Proposal

15-EA-13: CFPB - Request For Information On Student Loan Servicing

15-EA-12: CFPB - Payday Lending

15-EA-11: FASB - Pre-Paid Stored-Value Cards

15-EA-10: NCUA - Share Insurance Coverage for IOLTAs and Similar Escrow Accounts

15-EA-09: NCUA - 2015 Regulatory Review

15-EA-08: CFPB - Credit Card Market Review

15-EA-07: NCUA - Fixed Assets

15-EA-06: NCUA - Small Entity Definition Amendment

15-EA-05: CFPB - Small Creditors and Rural or Underserved Areas under Truth in Lending Act

15-EA-04: NCUA - Capital Planning and Stress Testing Amendments 


15-EA-02: NCUA - RBC2   

15-EA-01: CFPB - Amendments to Mortgage Servicing under TILA/RESPA