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Money Concepts Wealth Management Learning Series
Money Concepts Wealth Management Learning Series

The Money Concepts webinar series helps credit unions understand the need for a wealth management program and implement best practices for new and existing programs.

Partner Contact: Barry Dayley


In today's market environment, the real competitive advantage is the relationship you build with your member. No longer can you be satisfied with a transaction-based investment program or having no program at all. Take your credit union to the next level and enhance your member relationships and profitability by offering a unique financial experience to your member.

Money Concepts was formed in 1979 to enable independent practitioners and financial institutions to offer Financial Planning and Wealth Management by providing a large network of systems that lower the complexity and cost of offering these services.


The Financial Institution Division of Money Concepts International, Inc., was created to assist credit unions across the country take their service to a new level by offering a turn-key solution for the delivery of full service financial planning, investments, insurance, and investment advisory services.

No matter the size of your credit union, our "Member Centered" approach can enhance relationships, increase sales volume and product count per member, and increase and diversify your revenue stream. In addition, the Life Planning approach can set a credit union apart through the delivery of a “Member Centered” experience that will raise your credit union to the top in the competitive investment arena.

If your credit union is not offering wealth management services, or if your program is not as successful as it should be, consider aligning your credit union with an organization that can help you deliver these services in a way that will set it apart. Position your credit union as your member’s wealth mentor. This approach will broaden your relationships with your member base while enhancing wealth management income. Download the Money Concepts Brochure.

NAFCU Member-only Benefits

A complimentary consultation is available to all NAFCU members – a $1,000 value! Plus, as a special offer to NAFCU Members, Money Concepts will host NAFCU member CEOs as guests (all-expenses paid) for a 1-1/2 day "due diligence" visit at its headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Space is limited so contact Barry Dayley today.

Educational Resources

  •  Connecting Generations of Members through Financial Planning Services (Webinar)
    Over the next 30 years, there will be an epic transfer of wealth, over 30 trillion dollars.  How will this impact your credit union, and more specifically, the financial planning or investment services offered by your credit union?  Can this transfer help you to attract members from the Generation X and Millennial generations?
  •  How to Better Serve Boomers and Their Money (Podcast)

    In the third installment of our four-part podcast series with Money Concepts, Paul Timm, Vice President of Marketing for NAFCU Services, and Barry Dayley, EVP of Money Concepts, discuss the challenges facing our Boomer generation and the best practices your credit union can employ to help your aging members.

  •  360 Degree Approach to Wealth Management (Podcast)

    In the second installment of our four-part podcast series with Money Concepts, Paul Timm, Vice President of Marketing for NAFCU Services, and Levi Dayley, VP of Money Concepts, as they discuss how your credit union can adapt more of a 360 degree approach to serving your members through your wealth management services.

  •  The Mobius Loop and Wealth Management (Podcast)

    In the first installment of our four-part podcast series with Money Concepts, Paul Timm, Vice President of Marketing for NAFCU Services, sits down with industry expert Michael Thompson, the National Director of Sales for Money Concepts. They discuss how a Mobius loop applies to wealth management and what the means for credit unions.

  •  Connecting Generations of Credit Union Members through Financial Planning (Webinar)
    Join Money Concepts' expert presenters as they demonstrate how offering holistic financial planning services will deepen current member relationships and attract additional family members too— as many as four generations in the same family.
  •  Get Sticky with Holistic Wealth Management Services (Webinar)
    Understand better what your members need and want, learn how holistic wealth management services will add stickiness to your member relationships, and increase non-interest income and build a successful and profitable service.
  •  Five Keys to Finding the Right Wealth Management Partner (Webinar)

    There are unique challenges in the process of a credit union making the decision to have a wealth management program. Watch this webinar to get the criteria and the 5 key steps your credit union needs to help make that important decision.

  •  Why Your Credit Union Should Offer Wealth Management Services To All Members – Part Two (Webinar)
    In our last meeting, we discussed the significant opportunity credit unions have by providing Wealth Management Services to their members.  In this session, we will continue our message on how to successfully structure and deliver financial planning and wealth managment services in a profitable way, including common mistakes, and best practices.  You don’t want to miss this session!
  •  Why Your Credit Union Should Offer Wealth Management Services To All Members (Webinar)

       Why Your Credit Union Should Offer Wealth Management Services To All Members (Webinar) When: Thursday, November 6, 2014 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (ET) Join us in this session to learn about the outstanding opportunity to offer holistic wealth management services that that can serve all members, regardl

  •  Financial Planning: It's All About the Relationships (Not Selling Products) (Webinar)

    Attend this webinar to learn how to make your program a total financial experience based on long term relationships.

  •  Effective Marketing Practices to Grow Your Financial Planning Program (Webinar)
    This webinar will explore fundamental and creative marketing techniques that can drive growth to your financial planning or wealth management program.
  •  Tune-up Your Financial Planning Program: New Strategies for Better Long-Term Service (Recorded Webinar)

    Whether you already have a financial planning program or not, this webinar will help you understand what a high-performing, member-focused program looks like.

  •  Holistic Wealth Management Services (Blog Post)
    Wealth management services are being provided by 83 percent of large banks, 63 percent of medium-sized banks and 49 percent of small banks. However, many of these organizations simply offer wealth management services through investment products or access to online financial planning calculators. To compete, a credit union must offer real and practical solutions.
  •  Money Concepts Wealth Management Learning Series
    The Money Concepts webinar series helps credit unions understand the need for a wealth management program and implement best practices for new and existing programs.
  •  Managing Compliance in Your Wealth Management Program (Recorded Webinar)

    Here are the five compliance issues you need to be aware of while managing your credit union wealth management program.

  •  How to Start a Wealth Management Program (Recorded Webinar)
    Build it, and they will come? Without a sound foundation, your wealth management program will languish, and eventually strike out. This webinar examines key steps for implementing an effective wealth management program and provides a realistic timeline from conception to making the first sale.
  •  What to Look for in Your Wealth Management Program Advisor (Recorded Webinar)

    The wealth management process starts with a frank discussion between the program advisor and your member. With this level of access, and your member's nest egg on the line, it's critical you recruit the right person as your program advisor.

  •  Top Five Myths about Credit Union Wealth Management Programs (Recorded Webinar)
    If you think wealth management programs are exclusively for high net worth individuals, think again. Wealth management comes in all shapes and sizes. You can better serve (and retain!) your members when you help them plan for the future and live the lives they want.
  •  Holistic Wealth Management Services: Enhance Member Value and Credit Union Revenue (Whitepaper)
    Structural changes in the banking industry initiated by consumer demand and convergence of financial services have forever changed the face of the credit union landscape. In the past two and a half decades, the depository intuitions share of total U.S. household financial assets fell 44 percent to 12.4 percent, while the share of mutual funds increased 16 times to 11.4 percent. This fact, coupled with the ever increasing commoditization of traditional banking products and banking services offered by non-bank competitors pose a real threat to a credit union that is not able to address wealth management needs.   
  •  Why Wealth Management Services are not just for your Wealthy Members (Webcast)
    MoneyConceptsWebcastScreenShot2Wealth management is for more than just the wealthy. In today’s webcast we will hear from two experts with years of experience in the financial planning field about how wealth management really is for everyone. This webcast features the expertise of Michael Thompson, National Director of Sales for Money Concepts, and Barry Dayley, Executive Vice President for Money Concepts.
  •  Five Honda Engines in Every Household (Webcast)

    Honda is famous for its “five engines in every household” strategy, which, in very pure terms, is about cross selling products. In this webcast, we discuss how this strategy can be applied to credit unions. We will also discuss how  how wealth management can help you achieve this goal.

  •  Credit Unions—More Poetic than You Think (Blog Post)
    Credit union members are aging along with the rest of the American population, and their needs have changed over time. What else do you have to offer them when they outgrow mortgages and share certificates, and now need to distribute their IRAs? They have new financial needs that many credit unions currently aren’t meeting, and both your members and your credit union are suffering for it. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Opportunities in Offering Life Insurance with Your Financial Planning Program (Webcast)

    MoneyConcepts052412 A successful financial planning program consists of many solutions for your members to help them through their various life stages. One of those solutions is life insurance. In this webcast, we discuss the opportunities that exist for your credit union by offering life insurance to your members as part of your financial planning program.

  •  5 Keys to a Successful Financial Planning Program (Webcast)
    webcast 2012Financial planning is an essential offering for every credit union in order to build lasting and productive member relationships. In this webcast, you will hear from two experts with a combined over five decades of experience in the financial planning field, about five key success factors for your financial planning program.
  •  Unlocking the 5 Keys to a Successful Financial Planning Program (Blog Post)
    To many people, the term financial planning evokes a feeling of exhaustion and confusion. I know I’m definitely in that category! Knowing this, it is essential that your credit union offers a financial planning program. Read more of this NAFCU Services blog post.
  •  Case Studies in Holistic Wealth Management (Webcast)
    Barry Dayley webcast 2011In this webcast we take a look at wealth management from a holistic approach, covering what your objectives as a credit union offering wealth management and financial planning should be, as well as some specific case studies illustrating successful holistic wealth management for a range of income levels and life stages.
  •  Economic Update for Credit Unions (Webinar)
    Understanding the forces behind our volatile economy is essential in our industry. Watch this October 2011 recorded webinar for an update on the economy and market, and how they will impact your credit union, now and in the future.
  •  Avoiding the Five Pitfalls of Investing (Webcast)

    Investing can be tricky, especially when you don’t have the time to keep up with your investments and the investment opportunities available to you. In this webcast, we uncover the five common pitfalls of investing and how you and your credit union members can avoid them.

  •  Fee Income Through Wealth Management (Webinar)
    Give your members the wealth management help they need AND generate fee income! Not only do your members need financial planning and wealth management now more than ever, but your credit union needs the fee income that these services generate. Watch this recorded webinar as we address the changing wealth management needs of different psychographic groups and how a successful holistic wealth management approach creates greater member lifetime value.
  •  Dollar Cost Averaging (Webcast)
    Dollar cost averaging is one of the most fundamental investment concepts and one that your credit union and members should understand. In this webcast, we look at how to evaluate investments using dollar cost averaging in order to optimize invests and mitigate investing risks.
  •  Reduce Taxes Using the IRA Maximization Concept (Webcast)

    As your baby boomer members reach retirement, help them make the most of their IRAs. Watch "Reduce Taxes Using the IRA Maximization Concept," a free webcast from NAFCU Services and Money Concepts and establish your credit union as a retirement planning expert with members.

  •  Preparing Your Members for the Unprecedented Roth Conversion Opportunities (Webcast)
    Money Concepts Webcast Barry 2010Although the current state of the economy offers significant challenges, it also offers unprecedented opportunities for you and your members. As a trusted financial advisor, it is important to understand the opportunities that exist and educate your members about them. In this webcast, we delve into one of these rare opportunities with nine reasons to consider conversion to a Roth IRA.
  •  The Impact of Market Downturn on Your Pre-Retiree Members (Webcast)
    Money Concepts Webcast Barry 2010If there is one thing pre-retiree members are worried about, it's whether their money will last their lifetimes. "The Impact of the Market Downturn on Your Pre-retiree Members," discusses seven strategies that credit unions can use to help members five years from retirement.
  •  The Economy Now: Simply Stated (Recorded Webinar)
    Discover what's really going on with the economy. In a concise, easy-to-understand manner, you will hear about factors that have lead to the current economic environment, comparisons to past recessions, the TARP and stimulus package, an outlook on the future of the market, how to help your members navigate through trying and uncertain times, and more!
  •  Estate Planning 101 (Webcast)
    MThompson webcast 2010How can you help members with estate planning? There are just a few simple steps that can make a huge difference. Michael Thompson of Money Concepts walks credit unions through an estate planning strategy to minimize government interference and ensure final wishes are followed.
  •  Holistic Wealth Management: Positioning Your Credit Union for the Future (Webcast)
    BDayley Webcast 2009With so many options for growing wealth, members welcome your help in adopting a holistic wealth management approach. Barry Dayley, VP at Money Concepts, walks credit unions through a financial planning framework to assist members as they approach retirement.
  •  Are You Ready for the Big Retirement Three? Position Your Credit Union for the Future (Webcast)
    BDayley Webcast 2009How can you help members with the Big Retirement Three: financial planning, travel and leisure, and healthcare? These are the three biggest expenses members face with age. Barry Dayley, Vice President at Money Concepts, considers the implications of the growth of the Big Retirement Three over the next 20 years.

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