Mobile Payments and the Omni-Consumer of the Future (Webinar)

Webinar Icon Mobile Payments and the Omni-Consumer of the Future (Recorded Webinar) 

Today's young consumers are increasingly equipped for and interested in trying new mobile payment methods. They are looking for excellent omnicommerce experiences…are you ready to help?

Infographic - Mobile Payments and the Omni-Consumer of the Future

Consumers under the age of 35 have grown up in a digital world, and their expectations for integration and interoperability are high. They expect mobile payments to be common within five years, and predict they will be taking advantage of omnicommerce within two years. Serving the omni-consumer of the future will be game-changingly different—but highly rewarding for businesses that get it right.

Attend this live webinar featuring data-driven insights from consumer research conducted this year, and get a fresh perspective on how credit unions can serve the omni-consumer of the future.

Key Takeaways

•  What under-35 consumers expect from mobile payments—and what they are willing to do in return
•  How rewards, security, service, and innovation fit into their expectations
•  How omnicommerce will help merchants interact with young customers more closely, across their entire shopping lifecycle
•  How financial institutions retain young customers by equipping them for the omnichannel payment experiences ahead


This is a recording of Mobile Payments and the Omniconsumer of the Future presented by Vantiv.

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