Three Steps to Foolproof Member Engagement (Podcast and Presentation)

 Podcast Icon Whitepaper Icon To create a successful marketing strategy for member engagement, there are key factors credit unions should take into consideration. How do you define your target audience? How should you refine your marketing efforts? How do you refocus your strategy to take advantage of those opportunities? Each generation of consumers makes different purchasing decisions and is therefore more receptive to certain marketing efforts. By understanding who your target audience is and their demographic, credit unions will be able to craft specific marketing strategies to become more profitable. 

Learn more about how credit unions can take advantage of this opportunity by listening to Wayne Conte, Executive Vice President of Affinion present at NAFCU’s 45th Annual Conference & Exhibition and follow along with the presentation slides. 

This presentation also included videos. For the full presentation experience, links to the videos are provided below.



Three Steps to Foolproof Member Engagement (Conference Presentation Slides) from NAFCU Services Corporation
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