I'd like that now...

Part of being a dad involves being a DJ. Especially on road trips.

There is quiet time. There is "whatever Dad wants" time. But there are times when Kate and Briggs get to pick what music is played.

Despacito! Ed Sheeran! They just yell songs or artist names from the back seat and expect me to wave my fingers and make the song appear. 

I had to tell them that our car didn't work that way.

Briggs' response was a good one. 

"Dad," he said. "Alexa does that. Why can't our car?"

Briggs was referring to Alexa from Amazon. And yes. Alexa does that. 

Briggs and Kate only need to see something happen once for them to expect it to happen again and again. 

It is true for music. And I guess it's true for financial services. If someone else can do it, why can't you?

Imagine what they'll expect in 10 years.

From Musings from the CU Suite Blog, written by Anthony Demangone, EVP/COO, NAFCU (@ademangone)