The NAFCU Journal: NAFCU Working With Credit Unions to Push Back on ADA Lawsuits

NAFCU has been fighting alongside credit unions to push back on several of the meritless lawsuits filed in recent months under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) over website accessibility. Credit unions across the country began receiving demand letters and threats of legal action last year, and this year dozens more credit unions have been targeted.

By late January, NAFCU had filed as amicus curiae in four of these ADA suits. One of the suits — targeting Northwest Federal Credit Union — has since been resolved in the credit union’s favor. In its ruling, the court determined the plaintiff lacked standing to sue because he was not eligible for membership and would not likely use the credit union’s services. The court also indicated a website is not a place of public accommodation, so certain ADA protections were not triggered.

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From the March-April 2018 issue of The NAFCU Journal magazine.