Small Business Lending

A doorway to expanding membership, diversifying portfolios and helping communities grow

Small Business LendingSmall-business lending isn't for all credit unions, but many have found that it's a good fit with their mission to strengthen communities, build relationships and fill gaps overlooked by big banks.

So, when a small business approaches California-based Kinecta Federal Credit Union for a bare-minimum $10,000 loan, Kinecta's commercial team can take the time to uncover the real needs, and dollars, behind the ask.

"It comes back to our core values," says Shane Knighton, Kinecta's first vice president, business services. "Listening and asking the right questions is first and foremost. We need to understand their needs and wants. We need to understand who they are and what their business is about, and that goes a long way toward customizing a product that really meets their financial needs."

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From the March-April 2017 edition of The NAFCU Journal magazine.