The Digital Download: Turn Negative Commenters Into Loyal Members

Digital and social media amplifies word-of-mouth marketing to an extreme level—it's instantaneous, accessible by anyone and permanent. One comment can explode into hundreds seen by thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Plus, the internet does not forget. Those comments are out there. Forever. That's great if they're good comments, but occasionally something negative may pop up—it happens to every organization in every industry. Fortunately, all of those things that make social media so powerful also make it easier for you to act quickly and on a mass level to handle the haters when needed.

So, when the inevitable negative comment about your brand creeps up, don't fret. Here are three things that will help you squash that negative sentiment and maybe even reverse it into a positive one that ends up creating a loyal member and stronger brand.

1. Monitor your brand.

More than half of consumers prefer social channels for customer service.

(Source: Conversocial Report: The State of Social Customer Service)

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From the January-February 2017 edition of The NAFCU Journal magazine.