2007 Final Regulations

07-EF-19: FASB: Business Combination  

07-EF-18: NACHA: Network Enforcement Rule  

07-EF-17: NCUA: Purchase, Sale, and Pledge of Eligible Obligations  

07-EF-16: FRB: Electronic Consumer Disclosures  

07-EF-15: NCUA: Part 717 (Identity Theft Red Flags - FACT Act)

07-EF-14: NCUA: Part 717 (Affiliate Marketing - Fair Credit Reporting Act)

07-EF-13: NCUA: Federal Credit Union Bylaws  

07-EF-12: NCUA: Member Inspection of Records

07-EF-11: DoD: Predatory Lending  

07-EF-10: NCUA: Record Preservation Program & Appendix  

07-EF-9: FFIEC: Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending  

07-EF-8: FRB: Regulation E (Small-Dollar Exception)

07-EF-7: IRS: Phased Retirement 

07-EF-6: SBA: Lender Risk Rating System  

07-EF-5: SBA: Lender Examination and Review Fees

07-EF-4: IRS: Application of Section 409A to Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans  

07-EF-3: NCUA: General Lending Maturity Limit and Other Financial Services

07-EF-2: NCUA: Repurchase Transactions  

07-EF-1: NCUA: Conversion to Mutual Savings Banks