2008 Final Regulations

08-EF-13: NCUA: Credit Union Service Organizations  

08-EF-12: FED & Treasury: Prohibition on Funding of Unlawful Internet Gambling  

08-EF-11: NCUA: Organization and Operations of Federal Credit Unions  

08-EF-10: NCUA: Prompt Corrective Action Amended Definition of Net Worth

08-EF-9: NCUA: The Low Income Definition  

08-EF-8: FRB: Regulation C; Home Mortgage Disclosure Act 

08-EF-7: NCUA: Incidental Powers  

08-EF-6: NCUA: FOIA and Privacy Act  

08-EF-5: NCUA: The Official Advertising Statement   

08-EF-4: NCUA: Guidance on Prohibitions Imposed by Section 205(d) of the FCUA  

08-EF-3: FRB: Regulation Z (HOEPA)  

08-EF-2: FTC: CAN-SPAM Act Implementation

08-EF-1: FFIEC: Hybrid ARM Illustrations