2013 Final Regulations

13-EF-33: NCUA - Technical Amendments

13-EF-32: NCUA - Charitable Donation Accounts (CDAs)

13-EF-31: CFPB - Integrated Mortgage Disclosures 

13-EF-30: NCUA - Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs)

13-EF-29: CFPB - Policy to Encourage Trial Disclosure Programs

13-EF-28: NCUA - Financial Filings and Other Reports (Electronic Filings)

13-EF-27: NCUA - Access to Emergency Liquidity

13-EF-26: NCUA - Fixed Assets

13-EF-25: CFPB - Amendments to the 2013 Mortgage Rules Under Regulation B, Regulation X and Regulation Z

13-EF-24: FASB - Update on Liquidation Basis of Accounting

13-EF-23: CFPB - Amendments to Reg X and Reg Z

13-EF-22: CFPB - Amendments to Escrow under Reg Z

13-EF-21: NCUA - Loan Participations

13-EF-20: CFPB - Ability-to-Repay; Qualified Mortgages

13-EF-19: NCUA - Technical Amendments 
13-EF-18: Multiple Agencies - Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal Benefits Payments

13-EF-17: CFPB - Regulation E; International Remittance Transfers

13-EF-16: CFPB - Credit Card Independent Ability to Repay    

13-EF-15: CFPB - Credit Card Limits under Reg Z 

13-EF-14: CFPB - ATM Disclosures 

13-EF-13: CFPB - Disclosure of Records and Information 

13-EF-12: NCUA - Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

13-EF-11: NCUA - Definition of a Rural District 

13-EF-10: CFPB - Mortgage Loan Originator Compensation

13-EF-09: NCUA - Troubled Condition 

13-EF-08: Interagency - High Risk Mortgage Appraisals 

13-EF-07: CFPB - Free Access to Appraisals
13-EF-06: CFPB -  Mortgage Servicing

13-EF-05: CFPB - High Cost Mortgages and Homeownership Counseling (Regulations Z and X)

13-EF-04: NCUA Low Income Designation, Acceptance Deadline

13-EF-03: NCUA - Definition of a Small Entity

13-EF-02: CFPB - Escrow Requirements under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)

13-EF-01: CFPB - Ability-to-Repay; Qualified Mortgages