2010 Final Regulations

10-EF-18: NCUA: Fiduciary Duties of FCU Director

10-EF-17: NCUA: Interagency Appraisal Guidelines

 10-EF-16: NCUA: Amendments to the Regulatory Flexibility Program

10-EF-15: NCUA: Corporate Credit Unions  

10-EF-14: DOJ: ADA Guidelines for ATMs

10-EF-13: NCUA: Short-Term, Small Amount Loans (STS Loans) 

10-EF-12: FRB: Prohibition on Loan Originator Compensation and Steering  

10-EF-11: FRB: Notification of the Sale or Transfer of Mortgage Loans

10-EF-10: FFIEC: Reverse Mortgages Guidelines 

10-EF-09: NCUA:  Overdraft Protection Changes to the TISA Rule

10-EF-08: FRB: CARD Act

10-EF-07: NCUA: Community Chartering and Field of Membership 

10-EF-06: FRB: Regulation E and Regulation DD on Overdraft Protection 

10-EF-05: NCUA: SAFE Act

10-EF-04: FRB & FTC: Risk-Based Pricing 

10-EF-03: FRB: Amending the Electronic Funds Transfer Act as Applied to Gift Cards 

10-EF-02: FRB: Implementing the CARD Act (Reg. Z)

10-EF-01: NCUA: Exception to Second Mortgage Maturity Limit