2010 Regulatory Alerts

10-EA-24: FRB: Debit Cards on Interchange Fees

10-EA-23: NCUA: Technical Corrections to Rule on the Corporate Credit Unions

10-EA-22: NCUA: Corporate Credit Unions 

10-EA-21: NCUA:  Appraiser Independence

10-EA-20: NCUA: Amended Definition of Low-Risk Assets

10-EA-19:  FinCEN:  Cross Border Electronic Transmittal of Funds 

10-EA-18: FRB: Changes to Regulation Z regarding Home-Secured Credit 

10-EA-17: SRR: Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry Fees 

10-EA-16: NCUA: IRPS for Chartering Corporate Credit Unions 

10-EA-15: FRB: Interim Final Rule on Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA) 

10-EA-14: FRB: Escrow Requirements for Higher-Priced Mortgages

10-EA-13: NCUA: Low-Income Definition 

10-EA-12: NCUA: Golden Parachutes and Indemnification Payments

10-EA-11: NACHA: Enhancements to ACH Applications

10-EA-10: FASB: Fair Value for Held-To-Maturity Loans

10-EA-09: HUD: RESPA Required Use Prohibition 

10-EA-08: NCUA: Short Term, Small Amount Loans

10-EA-07: Multi Agency: Garnishment Orders

10-EA-06: NCUA: Fiduciary Duties at FCUs; Mergers and Conversions of Insured Credit Unions

10-EA-05: NCUA: Amendments to the Regulatory Flexibility Program

10-EA-04: FRB: Implement the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act - Truth in Lending (Regulation Z)

10-EA-03: FRB: Additional Guidance on Overdraft Protection Changes in the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E) and TISA (Regulation DD)

10-EA-02: FFIEC: Reverse Mortgage Products

10-EA-01: NCUA: Community Chartering