2015 Final Regulations

NAFCU Final Regulations are member-only resources that include full text and summaries for final rulemakings that affect credit unions.

15-EF-18 - DOE: Student Accounts

15-EF-17 - CFPB: HMDA (Regulation C)

15-EF-16 - NCUA: Delegation of Community Charter Amendments

15-EF-15 - NCUA: Risk-Based Capital

15-EF-14 - CFPB: Small Creditor Exemption Adjustments 

15-EF-13 - NCUA: Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustment

15-EF-12 - NCUA: Small Entity Definition

15-EF-11 - DoD: Military Lending Act

15-EF-10 - NCUA: Fixed Assets Rule

15-EF-09 - CFPB: TRID Delay

15-EF-08 - FFIEC: Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool

15-EF-07 - Interagency: Policy Statement on Joint Standards for Diversity Policies & Practices

15-EF-06 - Interagency: Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards

15-EF-05 - NACHA: Same Day ACH

15-EF-04 - NCUA: Associational Common Bond Rule

15-EF-03 - CFPB: Temporary Suspension of the Submission of Credit Card Agreements

15-EF-02 - CFPB: Disclosure to Consumer Complaint Narratives

15-EF-01 - CFPB: Amendments to TILA/RESPA